September 19th 2014


Laura Ashley USA shares this thrifty room makeover…

Here at the UK Laura Ashley HQ, we often have a peek to see what our friends over the pond are up to on the Laura Ashley USA blog, and we were thrilled to stumble across this thrifty makeover. They teamed up with Domino Magazine, a go-to destination for design inspiration. Tapping into blogger and top interior designer Kristin Jackson of The Hunted Interior, they asked her to re-imagine Laura Ashley in her home. We absolutely loved the results!








Interior designer, blogger and busy Atlanta mum, Kristin Jackson, needed a spot for the family to gather and eat. The family breakfast nook was a bit undressed for the occasion. Kristin’s mission was to create a modern breakfast room with a chic mix of Laura Ashley accoutrements, taking inspiration from traditional florals and practical, modern pieces.


The Inspiration



Summer Palace Duck Egg Wallpaper | Hydrangea Duck Egg Curtains | Honeysuckle Traill Camomile Yellow Fabric | Eaton Stripe Duck Egg Fabric | Polka Dot PVC Cotton Fabric


The wallpaper sets the tone for space where one pattern leads to another to create a relaxed family space. A statement Chinoiserie style wallpaper brings a fresh contemporary element to the space. Kristin chose Laura Ashley Summer Palace Wallpaper in Duck Egg.






Kristin is a masterful stylist, layering simple stripes in serene palettes with more vibrant florals and punchy prints. She created custom cushions from Laura Ashley fabrics, and also shown is our special edition archive print Pelham mug! The banquette seat is covered in our Polka Dot PVC Fabric in Linen— both pretty and practical for the inevitable spills to come. The window is framed with a traditional floral fabric, Hydrangea in Duck Egg, but adorned by a surprisingly modern trim for an unexpected pop.










Kristin’s reminagined space echos the delights of a garden with its scrolling florals,beautiful birds and bold pops of colour. The perfect marriage between classic and contemporary don’t you think?


We loved Kristin’s update to her breakfast area! What do you think? Don’t forget to take a peek at the Laura Ashley USA blog for more interior updates with Domino magazine.

September 17th 2014


Get a good night’s sleep this September with our top tips and tricks…

With September well underway and summer behind us, the stress of returning to work after the school holidays begins, and getting a good night’s rest becomes more difficult. Our minds are now starting to race about work and life pressures, the weather is beginning to make us feel chilly in bed, and let’s not get started on the Christmas panic setting in! A good night’s sleep is incredibly important for your health and wellbeing (8 hours please!), so we compiled a list of top tips to help you sleep safe and sound this ‘Stresstember’…



Honeysuckle Trail Camomile Yellow Bedlinen 


Eat well and exercise often




Yes, we’ve heard it 100 times, but a good night’s sleep can be aided by eating well and exercising often. We know how difficult it can be to exercise when it’s frosty outside and the fireplace looks oh-so inviting, but just think about how much better you’ll feel once your finished! Not only is exercising and healthy food good for your night’s rest, but it improves your general wellbeing too. So next time you make an excuse about your diet, think about the whole picture.


Be comfortable



Large Vintage Cotton Robe | Lace Trim Sleep Vest



Plain Dye Pillowcases | Microfibre Pillows


A good piece of advice for catching some zzzz’s is to make sure you’re completely comfortable in bed. Whether it helps by investing in a quality pair of jim jams, a new pillow, or some brand new sheets, being completely at ease in bed is crutial for dropping off.





Bath Towels



Toile Cotton Bedlinen


Trouble switching off? We’ve all been there! Try some herbal tea to help you relax, lavender tea or camomile works well and is a lovely warm drink to have before bedtime. Avoid watching TV in or before bed as the bright screen lights can impede on your body’s ability to fall asleep. Have no plans for the evening? Why not run a hot bath and relax before starting a new day. Soaking in the tub is a great way to switch off and helps relax your muscles. Crawl into bed straight after, read a chapter of your book and you’ll be fast asleep in no time!


Have a regular sleep pattern



Serena Cotton Bedlinen


We’re all guilty of having a ridiculously long lie-in come Sunday morning, but this can actually make you sleep badly when it comes to the working week. If you can, try and keep a regular sleep pattern on the weekend, don’t sleep in until twelve (you’ll miss the day!), and if you’re not going out make sure you don’t go to bed too much later than you normally would.


Make your room inviting



Emily Ivory Double Bed and Mattress Set | Summer Palace Bedlinen Set


Ever thought that maybe the reason you’re not getting a good sleep is because you don’t particularly like your bedroom? Why not give it a complete refresh this autumn! Invest in some new bedlinen to inject some colour into your room,  or go all out and get a new bed! Finishing touches can help brighten up a room too, like a quirky lamp or a fresh bunch of flowers. Get rid of all clutter with our range of storage boxes, and focus on making your bedroom a tranquil space to relax and sleep in!


There you have it, our top tips for having a good night’s rest! Now’s a great time to get your room comfy and inviting with up to 50% off beds and mattresses. We’re feeling sleepy already! Now, where’s our pillow? Zzzzz…

September 16th 2014


Our cosiest home story yet for autumn / winter 2014…

Introducing Hedgerow, our brand new home story for Autumn / Winter 2014.  As the seasons change and the days get cooler, we long for a cosy atmosphere to welcome us at home after a tiring day at work, and our new collection certainly does just that. This inviting collection brings the outside in, with beautiful foliage prints and a warm palette of neutrals and golds inspired by the autumnal landscape…




As the evenings draw in we’ll be taking inspiration from our Hedgerow story and cosying up the home. This collection is perfect for laid back living in Autumn / Winter, when everyone wants to relax indoors next to the fireplace with a hot cup of coffee. We’re definitely getting excited for the colder weather…










Our favourites in the collection include these country-inspired accessories, from this ceramic leaf ornament to these British Larder tea-towels that create a lovely home-made ambience in the kitchen. Hedgerow is a collection that works in any room – from the bedroom right through to the lounge, helping to create a home you never want to leave!






We can completely see ourselves relaxing by the fireplace and enjoying the cosy atmosphere! With warm lighting and a cosy duvet, you’ll want to stay right where you are come Saturday morning! If the full collection is a little too much for your liking, why not inject bits of Hedgerow into your home with the use of statement accessories or furniture pieces? Take a peek below at our top picks…




British Larder Utensil Holder | Edwin Natural Padstow Sofa |  Shetland Truffle Cushion | Oakshaw Truffle Floral Wallpaper | Ceramic Leaf Ornament | Copper Effect Metal Jug | Cranbourne Wool Throw




Do you like our new Hedgerow collection? What are your favourite pieces? We’d love to know! Visit our Pinterest Hedgerow board and get pinning your favourite bits!

September 10th 2014


Introducing our new scents for men and women, No1 Noir…

Drumroll please…we’re very pleased to announce the launch of our new fragrance! Following the success of our No1 perfume, we have created No1 NOIR for women and our first ever mens fragrance NO1 Pour Homme! The scents have been developed with designer AzziGlasser with warming tones, perfect for the transition into the colder months. Beautifully packaged, these scents would make the perfect gift for any Laura Ashley fan…



perfume woman



This floral fragrance incorporates elegant notes of Neroli, Cherry Blossom and Muguet in the heart, with a soft freshness on top of Tangerine and Yuzu enhanced with the warmth of creamy Sandalwood, Cedarwoodoil and a Vanilla Musk accord. Ideal for day or night, this fruity and fresh scent is designed for any occasion, ideal for a important meeting or even a special dinner… ooh lala!


mens perfume



An aromatic and woody fragrance, the No1 Pour Homme has a fresh formulation combined with top notes of Poivreand Elemi, heart notes of Marine Molecules, Oakmoss and Clarysageand a base of Vetivert Java, Sandalwood and Black Musk. This fresh scent is the perfect everyday cologne for both the younger and older gentleman. Will you be treating your dad or partner to this newbie?


We’re so excited about trying out these new products! Have you ever tried any of our perfumes? What kind of scents do you like best? We’d love to know.




Fancy winning a pair? We’re giving away six pairs on Twitter, including the scent for men and women. The perfect present, or even as a treat for yourself and loved one! Simply follow and RT to win before 10pm on the 12th September.

September 9th 2014


Forget the Spring clean, it’s all about the Autumn refresh!…

Forget the Spring clean, it’s all about the Autumn refresh! This season we’re throwing out our old dusty storage boxes, bringing in new thicker bedlinen, and changing our colour theme to suit the changing weather. We’re all about the finishing touches – just a few stand out pieces here and there can truly transform your room into a proper retreat. Joining us for an Autumnal room refresh is blogger Hayley from the fashion and lifestyle blog Frock Me I’m Famous, who decided her bedroom needed a little ‘spruce up’ for the new season…




A few months back I decided that it was time my bedroom needed a little refresh – nothing too drastic just a few changes here and there to spruce it up. Bedrooms are our happy places, which is why it’s important to have it how you envisioned it looking, and then go that little bit further to make it exactly how you want it. As I’m self employed I work from home a couple of days a week so it was important for me to keep the office side of my room separate, however I still wanted to add lots of homely touches to the new look…





GET COSY > Shalford Satin Stripe Cotton Bed Linen and Pillowcase


Previous to decorating my room I had two black walls and two white ones, this time around I picked up a couple of tins of paint and decided to go completely white on all four walls as it makes my room so much lighter which  makes it look a lot more spacious too. When it came to choosing my bedding I opted for the Shalford Satin Stripe Cotton Bed Linen and Pillowcase in white also as I like to have a blank canvas for bedding and then dress it up with cushions, throws and accessories.







GET STYLING > Truscott Cotton Reverse Quilt in ‘Pewter’ 


As I mentioned I’m a fan of ‘dressing’ when it comes to bedrooms, so whether that’s a picture frame, throw, fancy curtain tie backs – anything that makes the room a bit more personal to your style. As the ends of my bed frame had a bronze finish I thought the Truscott Cotton Reverse Quilt would compliment it perfectly (which is has!). For the daytime I double this throw up and drape it over the end of my bed, however in the winter it will be great acting as an extra layer of warmth (hurrah!).







GET ORGANISED > Willow Under-Bed Storage


This Willow Under-Bed Storage is the perfect storage for my room as it slots under my bed out of the way but if I fancy leaving it on display as a room feature it also looks the part too. It’s a generous size and will be great to store clothes, beauty products or even paperwork and gadgets. I can’t wait to put mine to use!




So there we have it, my Autumn bedroom update! If you’re trying to refresh your room on a budget like I did then I would keep it simple with paint, curtains and bedding as you can always brighten the room with pops of colour through decorative accessories. For me it’s always the finishing touches that ‘make’ a room – Laura Ashley do some beautiful glass trinkets, padded clothes hangers and some amazing lamps so be sure to make them your first port of call!


Thanks to Hayley for these tips! Do you change your room each season? How do you make it inviting? Let us know…


September 8th 2014


Unveiling our latest blogger crush, The Lovely Drawer…

As the nights draw in and going out into the cold seems like a grueling task, we’ve started to take a little bit more inspiration from craft bloggers and stay indoors. Armed with all the tools, we’re finding ourselves curled up on a Sunday afternoon trawling through our favourite DIY blogs and giving some tutorials a go. Recently, we were thrilled to stumble across  The Lovely Drawer, a super crafty blog penned by the lovely Teri. Teri is a freelance designer, illustrator, and stylist, as well as blogger who’s captivating updates make us want to reach for the closest pair of scissors to try to remotely match her skills.


With fresh content and stunning crisp photography, The Lovely Drawer has become our one stop blog for all things creative. Not only does Teri dabble in DIY, but also lends her hand at cooking! We for one are drooling over the baked cinnamon sugar donuts and maple carrot, apple and bacon soup recipes…yum! It’s no suprise then that Teri landed this month’s title of blogger crush of the month. We sat down with the lady in question to find out all about the inspirations and history behind The Lovely Drawer…


£50 room makeover


japanese printed


How did The Lovely Drawer come about?


The Lovely Drawer came about two and a half years ago when I was hoping to create an online scrapbook to document my projects and inspirations outside of my in house design job. Very quickly I realised that I enjoyed keeping it even more than I thought I would. The practice of creating more often didn’t sap my inspiration but instead gave me so many more ideas and having the freedom to try out different things meant I was able to hone my style and eventually focus the purpose of the blog. Because it started as a bit of fun (you can tell by the terrible photos back then), with no calculated intentions, it developed quite organically until finally I started using the tag line ‘Style inspiration and DIY ideas’. This summed things up and gave me more intentionality in what I was posting. It took me a long time to think of myself as a blogger because first and foremost I’m actually a designer, however the two things have mingled quite nicely together. I’ve just kept at the blogging and near enough all my collaboration and design opportunities have come through that. I wouldn’t be a full time freelance designer now if it wasn’t for those opportunities.



une glace print


What’s your favourite part about running the blog?


My favourite part about running the blog is just the amount of creativity it allows me. I love dreaming up an idea or project in my head and then seeing it come to life. It’s so interesting to look back and see where my head and skills were at over the life of the blog. It also gives great freedom in realising ideas quickly. You can think up a project, execute it the next day and have the post out the following day if you felt that strongly about it. You just can’t move that quickly in most industries. There’s usually a long winded design and costing process, printing takes time and you’re always working seasons ahead. Obviously that’s necessary for those environments but I love that blogging bypasses those limitations. It’s taught me to always be ready with ideas and I’ve learnt to work at a much quicker pace.


cinnamon donuts


pineapple purse


What’s your favourite part about running the blog?


My favourite part about running the blog is just the amount of creativity it allows me. I love dreaming up an idea or project in my head and then seeing it come to life. It’s so interesting to look back and see where my head and skills were at over the life of the blog. It also gives great freedom in realising ideas quickly. You can think up a project, execute it the next day and have the post out the following day if you felt that strongly about it. You just can’t move that quickly in most industries. There’s usually a long winded design and costing process, printing takes time and you’re always working seasons ahead. Obviously that’s necessary for those environments but I love that blogging bypasses those limitations. It’s taught me to always be ready with ideas and I’ve learnt to work at a much quicker pace.


little madam cushion




What inspires you to write?


Everything inspires me to write posts. Sometimes something hits me and sometimes little pieces of inspiration build up to create one big idea. I’m a visual magpie so I love Pinterest and interior magazines but lots of the time I’m just looking around when I’m outside, whether that’s in nature or surrounded by shop windows. That’s often the best way to get original ideas.


embroidery wall art


winter wedding



dipped berry & pistachio shortbread


What are your bookmarked blogs?


My bookmarked blogs is a tough one as I could go one forever but number one is always Sugar and Cloth. Ashley’s DIY projects are so creative and I fall in love with her colour palettes over and over. I also love Emma Dime for her flawless aesthetic and fun mix of content. Her images never disappoint. Fall for DIY is a bookmark for beautifully slick and yet playful DIY ideas. The kind of things you genuinely do want to own! Passion Shake for amazing home and interiors inspiration. That girl must spend a whole lotta time on Pinterest but I’m more than grateful. Almost Makes Perfect for her gorgeous and yet simple DIYs in muted colour palettes that would work so well in anyones home or wardrobe. I often think, ‘I can’t believe you made that’. Paper & Stitch for all round inspiration and lovely DIY ideas. Everything Brittni touches seems to turn to gold. Finally, Oh The Lovely Things has amazing round ups collating all the best DIY projects, recipes, shop items in one place. Clemence has impeccable taste. I could go on but we’d be here all day!


ink print


patterned tray


cork necklace


What’s your must have item from Laura Ashley?


My must have item from Laura Ashley would definitely be the Pineapple Champagne Table Lamp. It’s such a fun yet stylish piece and I love the colour. I would probably have fruit themed everything if I could.


summer printables 19


Be sure to bookmark The Lovely Drawer for crafty DIY tutorials and yummy recipes!


Who would you like to see as the next blogger of the month? Have you got a favourite blog we’ve overlooked? Do let us know…

September 5th 2014


We caught up with Marie from Thomas Sanderson to give us some top tips on choosing the right shutters for your home…

Finding window shutters to suit your home can be a tricky task, especially with so many different window styles and sizes in your home! With this in mind, we invited Marie the Campaign Executive from Thomas Sanderson, to answer all your tricky conundrums so that you’re well on your way to picking those perfect shutters…



Cafe Shutters


How do I know that window shutters are right for my property?


Window shutters offer a huge level of versatility and style in both classic and contemporary properties so work for nearly every home. If you are looking for a stunning architectural finish with smart clean lines then shutters on their own are a fabulous solution, but if you want to add a cosy warm feel then shutters work equally well dressed with curtains.



Bay Shutters


What are the practical benefits of window shutters?


Window shutters offer tonnes of benefits that not many people know about. They offer excellent shading, keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The privacy & light control is a big bonus, the shutters louvers allow you to tilt for optimum levels. Customers also like the amount of security they provide, as they are a perfect deterrent as potential intruders cannot monitor if you are not at home. Window shutters also offer great noise reduction, keeping your home quiet from the outside hustle and bustle. Plus, they’re guaranteed to last! All our shutters come with a minimum 5 year guarantee.


Kitchen cameo 1A_RT

Tier on Tier Shutters


How do they work in windows that aren’t a standard shape & size?


This is a question lots of customers ask, however there are window shutters to suit almost any window.


Bay Windows – Shutters work fabulously in bay windows, giving you the ultimate shading solution when you need it without interrupting your window sills – so you can still enjoy the beauty of your window with a styling that complements its architectural features.


Sash Windows – Enhance your sash windows with two shutter panels, one for the top and one for the bottom – giving you the perfect option of having half open for the daytime to let the light in and closed at night time to give that warm cosy feeling.


Shaped Windows – If you have arched, round or angular windows and dread the thought of dressing them, shutters are a perfect solution. They really can bring out the natural beauty of the shape and make the window a real feature in the room.


Large Windows – For large expanses of glass Guide & Glide shutters that run on tracks are a great option and make a fabulous design statement. Designed to fold back at either end of the room discreetly when opened, they offer a truly versatile shading solution.


Overlooked Windows – If your property is overlooked or you are looking for privacy without blocking out the light, then Café shutters which are just fitted to the lower half of the window are a perfect choice.


bedroom main landscape 1

Shaped Shutters


Many thanks to Marie for sharing her top tips with us! You can view the stunning collection of Laura Ashley window shutters here.


Have you entered our competition with Thomas Sanderson? You could win a room makeover worth £5,000! The competition ends 15th September so there’s not long left to be in with a chance of winning. Enter here, or view more details here.

September 4th 2014


Discussing her new book, Sarah shares her beginners tips for growing your own flower cutting garden…

It’s no secret that a beautiful bunch of flowers can instantly brighten your home and create an uplifting sense of wellbeing. Even more so, when they have been hand-plucked from your own flower patch. Guiding us through her experiences with growing her own in her new book ‘Cutting Garden Journal,’ Sarah Raven documents her expert advice, from sowing seeds to arranging your seasonal displays.




Month by month, Sarah’s journal discusses the wide range of plants that are perfect for growing your own blooms. Jam-packed with top notch-advice and bespoke planting plans, we especially love her monthly to-do projects. Taking time out of her busy schedule at her farm in East Sussex, we caught up with Sarah to chat about the wonderful journey of embarking on your own flower cut patch…




- Growing cut flowers is one of the most rewarding things you can do. It’s very easy to fill your house with flowers from a small space if you grow the right plants. Choose annual plants which are cut-and-come-again, then you can then pick a couple of bunches on say a Friday – to make the house lovely for the weekend – and all the flowers will have grown back to pick again by the following week. It’s an ever-filling cup and the perfect sort of gardening for any optimist.




- The patch needs to be in a sunny spot – in a soil with good drainage – or it could be in a series of pots on a window ledge or door step. Select plants with very long flowering seasons – such as Cosmos ‘Purity’, the sunflower ‘Vanilla Ice’, or the beautiful pincushion plant, Scabiosa atropurpurea and remember to grow foliage plants too, so you can make beautiful mixed arrangements. I love Euphorbia oblongata  cerinthe (or honeywort) and the sage,  Salvia viridis ‘Blue’.




- When you’re picking flowers, follow this order and everything will last as long as it can – first pick, then condition by searing the stem ends in boiling water for 15 seconds, then store the flowers in deep water overnight, cool and dark, before you arrange them for scattering round your house. Put a drop of bleach or clear vinegar in the water and the flowers will last as long as they can.




My favourite style of instant arrangement is in narrow necked bottles, just one or three heads in each, contrasting the colour of the vase to the colour of the flower. You can have just one as a central point, or even nicer, go for a line of five or seven in a line or a circle in the middle of your dining table. Then you can have flowers as part of your inside as well as outside life for at least nine months of the year!




Feeling inspired? Why not brush up on your flower growing techniques with the launch of Sarah’s new book ‘Cutting Garden Journal’? On sale from the 4th of September and published by Francis Lincoln, take advantage of our exclusive free postage and packaging offer on the book by visiting or call 0845 092 0283 quote offer code SRLAUR.


Offer valid until 30th September 2014, offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount and previous purchases are not valid.


To display your blooms, browse the Laura Ashley range of vases here.


September 3rd 2014


Join us as we learn a little bit about our beloved print, Cottage Sprig…

Who remembers our beloved Cottage Sprig? An old classic, we feel all nostalgic looking at these pictures! Catching up with our archivist Holly, she gives us a little bit of information behind the iconic print…


cottage sprig

cottage sprig 2

Images from our 1985 catalogue 


Holly tells us…


“Cottage Sprig was launched in 1981 and has remained a classic Laura Ashley design ever since. It has appeared on wallpaper, wall tiles, tea sets, stationary and even a doll! Cottage Sprig has been recoloured at least six times, ranging from poppy to china blue to rose! It is believed to have been first found in an old children’s book, Cox and Box. The design was found and redrawn by Brian Jones, who worked for Laura Ashley from 1972 for 26 years.”



The original inspiration for Cottage Sprig: Cox and Box


cottage sprig 5

Patchwork quilt featuring Cottage Sprig


Perfect for all seasons, our Cottage Sprig print is simple and versatile and creates a homely atmosphere in almost any room. Recently popular with children’s rooms, this cute pattern makes an ideal statement wall in a young ladies room, or to line stationary drawers! We even found an old blue print on our Social Media Assistant’s kitchen wall, how lovely does it look? Especially when paired with this vintage china…




Fancy getting your hands on some Cottage Sprig? These pretty pieces are currently NEW and now available on the site. Throw this fleece on the end of a kids bed for a extra cosy layer for when the nights get cooler, or display all your favourite jewellery in this spacious pretty jewellery box…



Cottage Sprig Wallpaper / Fabric / Fleece Blanket / Jewellery Box


We would love to see some snaps of your Cottage Sprig print, whether it be on your wall or just on a small accessory in the home, do share! What other print would you like to learn about?

September 1st 2014
Teen hero


Design the perfect bedroom for your teen with ease using our top tips..

Transforming your little boy’s bedroom into a teenage hideaway can be tricky business. A space of their own to relax and sleep, to entertain friends and study hard – choosing a decor style that you both agree on can be a difficult process, but one that can be achieved. With a helping hand from our interior designer Georgina, lets take a peek at what you should consider when decorating your teen’s bedroom….




Teenagers’ bedrooms are often the most challenging in the house. They can be very particular about what they want, but quietly we know that they are developing all the time so black walls and ceilings may be a passing fad ! I think it’s really important to reflect your teen’s personality in the room without going for anything that feels too permanent, so it is a great opportunity to be eclectic in your designs and be a bit more daring.


- Make sure to involve your teen in every step of the design process, that way you can create a cool interior style that you can both agree on.


- My top tip would be to invest in good quality furniture, that way it will stand the test of time and can be used in the future when they have flown the family nest. Paint, wallpaper and decorative accessories are all inexpensive in the grand scheme of things, so go to town with these items instead to add style and flare.




- Think about what the room is likely to be used for in the future. A guest bedroom or an office? If an office, consider a day bed which can be used for either occasion. If a guest room, choose a king sized bed and headboard.


-Wallpaper can be inexpensively changed, so choose one wall (usually the headboard wall) to paper in a fun print. Pick out two or three colours from the wallpaper to use in your accessories and keep the other walls neutral.


- Try and divide the room into two areas, so they have a separate space to study and sleep.




- In the study area you can put your creativity to the test, by making a feature above the desk. Install shelves which can house their favourite personal belongs, an upholstered pin board and a fun coloured lamp like the Portland Bedside Lamp.


- When dressing the bed, it is a perfect opportunity to mix different patterns, textures and tones to create a fun inviting space. Mix geometric prints and stripes, with blocks of colour.


- Storage is really important. Try and de-clutter, and make a charity box with all the old toys and books. Then organise the essentials into storage boxes. Vintage trunks look great stacked in the corner of the room or the Milton Storage Units hide away a multitude of sins.


What are your top tips for decorating a teen’s bedroom? We love the nod to the nautical in our Salcome range and our chalkboard paint calls for a creative touch…


Browse our kid’s range of decor here.