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Back with another brilliant DIY, Soumya shows us how to create a love sign for a special handmade touch to your wedding... read more

Wedding season is upon us! Back with another fabulous DIY in her wedding series, Soumya from Made by Molu shows us how to create the prettiest LOVE sign as a special handmade touch for your big day. Use these instructions on fabric or lettering of your choice for a beautiful day to remember, and you can even take it home as a special reminder. Plus, it will save you big time on the pennies!…


Summer is finally upon us and with it comes a whole lot of gorgeous and colourful weddings! So, for all you beautiful brides-to-be (and grooms-to-be!) looking to add a bit of personalised DIY touch to your summer weddings, I have this fabulous little signage you can make yourself to jazz up your BIG DAY, be it a photo prop or as part of a backdrop for your dessert table! The choice is endless.

You will need:


Laura Ashley PVC Coated Cotton Fabric ( I used the Ice Lollies print)
Foam board or thick card
scissors & stanley knife
PVA glue (ignore the hot glue gun as shown)
Fabric scissors
cutting mat
metal ruler


MbM_LAURA-ASHLEY_SINAGE-03 1. Create a template for the words you would like to make the sign out of and make sure the letters are all connected to each other so that when you cut it out it remains sturdy. To recreate this exact ‘LOVE’ sign, you can click on the links below to print the templates either at a local printshop (the A2 layout as a whole) or at home (in tiles: 1, 2, 3, 4) like I did, in which case, you simply tape up the pieces together to create one big piece. Feel free to go however large or small but I would recommend no smaller than an A3 for ease of cutting.

2. Cut around the letters so you have a nice clean template to work with.






3. Take your PVC coated cotton fabric of your choice and place it on your worktop so that the uncoated side is facing up. Then place your template, reverse side up, onto the fabric and use a pencil or ball point pen to draw around the letters. The reason for this is so that when you then cut the word out of the fabric, the PVC coated side will be on the correct side.


4. Use a sharp craft scissor or fabric scissor and cut around the word. Put aside any scrap of material left over.


5. Take your foam board or thick card (in this case, an A2 size one) and roughly sketch out the outline of the word on it so it’s easier for you to apply the PVA glue across those areas. You can also apply the PVA glue onto the reverse/uncoated side of the fabric cut-out piece and place it flat onto the board/card. Go with whatever works best for you.


6. Gently rub your hands across the letters to remove any trapped air/ glue bubbles or any creases. I would suggest placing some weights, like books, even distributed across the sign for 5 minutes or so, just to ensure that the fabric is properly fixed to the card.


And voila! You now have yourself a lovely little sign to use a prop. It can be placed on a table, fixed to a wall, suspended using pretty ribbons, or even held it up for your wedding photographs! The great thing about it being made out of PVC coated fabric is that you don’t have to worry about it getting ruined..perfect for those outdoor weddings!


Thanks so much to Soumya for yet another cracking DIY! Like what you see? Check out Soumya’s make and do place settings here, and stay tuned for round three in her wedding series coming soon.


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