Make & Do: Giant Gift Rosettes

Use your leftover wallpaper to make a giant rosettes wall display... read more

Our new Make + Do book of the moment is ‘Scissors, Paper, Craft‘ (30 pretty projects all cut, folded and crafted from paper) by Christine Leech. Make use of leftover wallpaper such as our Curzon wallpaper below to make this fun giant rosettes wall feature…


A cluster of these supersized rosettes – usually made from shiny plasticised ribbon and used for decorating presents – makes an impressive wall display in your home or for a party…



Selection of lengths of wallpaper (see below)

Craft knife

Metal ruler

Cutting mat


Double-sided tape

Ribbon or string



Using a craft knife, metal ruler and cutting mat, cut strips of wallpaper into the following lengths to make large, medium and small bows.


For a large rosette (50cm diameter)

One 10 x 40cm strip

Two 11 x 90cm strips

Four 11 x 1m strips


For a medium rosette (40cm diameter)

One 8 x 20cm strip

Two 9 x 70cm strips

Four 9 x 80cm strips


For a small rosette (24cm diameter)

One 5 x 15cm strip

Two 6 x 40cm strips

Four 6 x 50cm strips


Makes 3 rosettes of different sizes



giant bow 1 620

1)   Fold one of the longest strips of wallpaper in half to find the centre.

giant bow 2 620

2)   Twist one end of the wallpaper strip so it meets the centre fold.  Staple in place.

giant bow 3 620

3)   Repeat with the other end of the wallpaper strip.

giant bow 5 620

4)   Repeat steps 1-3 with another of the longest strips.  Put two pieces of double-sided tape on the bottom of this second strip and fix it inside the first so the two are at right angles to each other.  This makes the first layer of the rosette.

giant bow 7 620

5)   Repeat steps 1-3 with the other two longest strips, placing each one inside the first layer of the rosette and fixing them with double-sided tape as in step 4.

giant bow 10 620

6)   Repeat steps 1-4 with the two shorter strips and place these inside the rosette.

giant bow 11 620

7)   Roll the short strip of paper loosely and staple the ends together.  Place some double-sided tape on the bottom and fix it in the centre of the rosette.

8)   Attach a length of ribbon or string to the back of each rosette using strong Sellotape.  Your rosette is now ready to hang on the wall.

This make & do project is from the Simple Makes series: Scissors, Paper, Craft by Christine Leech, published by Quadrille Publishing £12.99. Photography by Keiko Oikawa.


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