DIY Decorative Planted Lanterns

Stylist Melanie Lissack shares her inventive DIY tutorial for these gorgeous spring lantern planters. read more

This week, the country’s biggest celebration of gardening begins with National Gardening Week. Running from the 29th of April through to the 5th of May, National Gardening Week is an annual event which celebrates all things horticultural, with hundreds of activities taking place throughout the UK to inspire and raise awareness of the difference that gardens and gardening can make to the lives of everyone through a ‘passion for plants’.

However, you do not need a garden or to be a green-fingered expert to enjoy National Gardening Week and take part! Using some large lanterns from Laura Ashley, alongside a few of their safe but incredibly effective LED candles, I’ve put together a very simple DIY which can bring a little bit of the outside, indoors.

These decorative planted lanterns can be situated as a table centre piece, or be used to create a welcoming display by the front door. You could also use them to brighten up a corner of a conservatory, or place on a console table in the hallway.

DIY Decorative Planted Lanterns

What you’ll need

For this DIY I used a Silver And Glass Oversized Lantern which had a lot of height, plus the Ellington Hexagonal Silver Effect Large Lantern for the interesting shape. Inside, I placed a LED candle in each lantern. Laura Ashley LED candles are made from wax on the base so they look like real candles, but the light is actually LED and battery operated, which means the candle never burns away and they are completely safe as there is no naked flame.

DIY Decorative Planted Lanterns

As well as the lanterns and candles, to make this DIY you need a cheap bowl, some fabric offcuts, scissors (I used fabric scissors to create the jagged edge), some bedding plants, super glue, cling film, plus some decorative items (optional).

DIY Decorative Planted Lanterns

DIY Steps

Start by cutting a strip of interesting fabric to wrap around the outside of the bowl. Once you are happy with the width of the fabric you have cut, use the glue to stick the fabric strip down, making sure the fabric is flat against the surface.

Place your batteries in the LED candle, then wrap some cling film around the bottom half of the candle so when you water your plants in the bowl, the candle is protected. Stand your candle in the bowl and roll the cling film down so that it is level with the top of the bowl and cannot be seen once the plants have been added.

DIY Decorative Planted Lanterns

Using a selection of vibrant bedding plants (bedding plants are best as the roots are small), gently push as many plant roots as you can together on the inside of the bowl, building up your floral display. Place taller plants around the back of the candle in the bowl and smaller plants towards the front so that your candle is shaped with the flowers and not hidden.

DIY Decorative Planted Lanterns

Place your bowl with the plants and the candle inside the lantern, then arrange how the plants sit inside. I liked to keep the door open and have the flowers ‘tumbling’ out, but you could create a smaller display and close the door keeping the plants contained. Add a tiny touch of water to the outside edges of the bowl away from the cling film to keep the plants fresh.

Happy National Gardening Week!

DIY Decorative Planted Lanterns
DIY Decorative Planted Lanterns
DIY Decorative Planted Lanterns

Big thank you to Melanie Lissack of Melanie Lissack Interiors for this wonderful lantern planter tutorial.

Will you be giving this DIY tutorial a go? Instagram your finished planter lanterns and be sure to tag us in the pictures: @lauraashleyuk


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