Claire’s DIY Envelope Cushion

Get creative with your interiors and give these DIY envelope cushions a go... read more

Sometimes when we upgrade our interiors we can’t quite find the accessories we need so it can be a good idea to get creative and make something a bit more personal for your home. The incredibly talented Claire from Celebrate Creation shows us to make your very own bespoke cushions for your bedroom and we think you’ll agree they look beautiful…

Hi, I’m Claire and I’ve recently moved to a new home in west London. I’ve been gradually working my way through each room of the house, unpacking boxes, sifting through items and putting a long list of DIY and home decorating projects into action.

After working on the downstairs spaces, it was time to focus on the master bedroom. I took the opportunity to update our bed as the previous one was very old and so we chose an upholstered grey fabric bed stand and headboard. I already had some bedding but lacked cushions that worked well with the colour palette in the room. After searching for some accent cushions in the shops, and being rather unsuccessful, I decided to make my own. This meant that I was able to have cushions that are completely bespoke to the room and in the colour that I want! It was really simple to make my own cushion covers and so I thought I’d share the project with you here.

claire5 I decided to make envelope cushion covers, as I am fairly new to sewing and have only made a few projects to date. Therefore this tutorial is perfect for you if you are a beginner sewer like me! I wanted a fabric that complemented the grey bedframe and so the Tuileries fabric in grape immediately caught my eye, as I love the colour combination of grey/silver and purple in interior decor. The fabric is good for sewing as it is a cotton and linen mix and so slightly heavier in weight. This means that it is easier to work with and will hold its shape well once turned into cushion covers.

First I measured the width and height of my cushion pads. They were 16 x 23 inches. I added an extra inch to the measurements to allow for a hem whilst sewing and cut out my first piece of fabric. This will become the front cover of your cushion.

claire3 Then I cut out the fabric for the back of the cushion cover. You need two pieces of fabric for the back. This is because the back pieces will overlap one another, creating the ‘envelope’ part of the cushion. For these pieces of fabric you will need to keep the same measurement for the width of the cushion. So in my case it was 16 inches with another inch added on for the hem. However this time, you will need to add on another 4 inches to the length of the fabric. Therefore the length of my piece of fabric became 27 inches. I then cut this piece of fabric out and folded it in half to create a fold line along the centre. Then I cut along this fold line so that the back piece of fabric was cut in half.

Next, I ironed the fabric to eliminate any wrinkles before sewing.

claire2 Now it’s time to set out the fabric ready to sew. Lay out your fabric so that the front piece is lying with the right side (or side which has the pattern on it) facing up towards you. Next, place the two back pieces of the fabric with the right side facing down away from you this time. You will need to ensure that the outer edges of each piece of fabric are lined up against the outer edge of the first piece of fabric. This will mean that the pieces nearest to you overlap in the centre. Don’t worry about this, as this is what we want!

I recommend that you pin the fabric together around the edges, as this will keep it in place whilst you are sewing. Now for the fun bit! Sew all the way around the perimeter of the fabric. This will be much quicker to do on a sewing machine but you can sew by hand if you prefer.

claire4 Once you have finished sewing, trim off any stray threads and snip off each of the corners of the fabric. Just be careful not to cut through your stitching! This will mean that the fabric is less bulky in the corners and will enable you to have a neater finish.

claire6 Finally turn your cushion cover the right way out and place your cushion pad inside. Make sure you share your cushion covers on social media and tag in @LauraAshleyUK and @CelebrateCreation so that we can see.

We’re super impressed with these; we’ll have to give them a go ourselves. What would you make out of Laura Ashley fabric? Let us know below or Twitter @LauraAshleyUK

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