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Summer is finally here and if the weather lately is anything to go by you need to step out in an outfit that is wearable in any weather eventuality. To give us some tips on choosing a ‘hero piece’ and dressing for any occasion we enlisted the help of Emily Inman of the fashion and lifestyle blog, Brick, Dust and Glitter. Emily chose four Laura Ashley pieces and created three unique looks; perfect for any summer event.

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Finding a hero piece for your wardrobe

When it comes to shopping we can be so distracted by buying more. We tend to categorise clothing by need and actually find that we cut off our creative dressing abilities. We buy things for work, home, parties, funerals, the beach, the forest and all of a sudden we have a wardrobe full of clothes we don’t wear. I have been slowly refining how I shop and measuring up items against their number of potential wears rather than a category. I find these days I like to shop for items I know can be worn more than one way. Yes, you have exceptions, the full sequin ball dress isn’t up for a run to the park, but I do not want clothes just sitting in my wardrobe waiting to be worn. I buy them and therefore I must wear them and my creative styling is getting a big kick!!

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The key to start wearing more of your clothes is to find your hero pieces. Discover what items will work across the board with just small changes. Usually for us women dresses are key items for lots of events and we find we can end up with quite a few. I want to share how I am using this beautiful red dress as a hero piece for 3 different outfits that could be worn to a number of occasions.

My first outfit is showing off this dress in a really casual way. As a mum of two, I wear dresses with flats quite a lot and heading into summer there is nothing nicer than having a summer dress on those hot days! For me, dresses and trainers are an easy win. Super casual, practical and with a denim jacket make you ready for any day out.

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All you need to do to make the outfit more chic, add some jeans and a nude heel! I love layering my dresses over jeans, and this red and blue combination really pops! This kind of outfit is a step up from casual. It would work for lunches out, summer bbqs or evening drinks. Depending on where you work this would be fab for all sorts of offices.

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And if you want to make this outfit much smarter, heels and a blazer are all you need. Whether you would wear it in the office, or to a Christening; a blazer over a dress smartens you up!-

One dress in three different ways, all using staple wardrobe pieces that transform this beautiful Red dress to suit a number of occasions. That is one good hero piece!

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So a few key points to help you discover your hero piece

-When it comes to styling just one piece into multiple outfits always think of the colour. For me, a bold red will always look good dressed up or down. Whether you team it with heels or trainers a bright dress can easily be transformed!

-Something with a pattern on is also a good hero piece as details on a dress can make an outfit look glamorous for evening wear or casual for daywear.

-Most importantly when trying to find your hero piece is to make sure you like it. It is no good keeping clothes that you don’t actually like all that much because you will never wear them. However, before you disregard unwanted clothing, try it on in a new way as you may suddenly find that a small change really makes it look better. I have found that wearing a floaty dress over jeans has completely changed my perspective on how some of them look!!

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I love discovering clothes I can wear again and again. Heading into summer I hope to be able to enjoy all my clothes and then start working out what I can keep wearing as I head into autumn! Red dress, tights and boots perhaps!!

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Which outfit is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below.

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