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We were delighted when Roz from blog ‘Clothes, Cameras and Coffee’ tweeted us about wearing her mother’s plethora of vintage Laura Ashley garments from the 80’s. Not only does Roz look every inch the quintessential English rose, styling the pieces up in her native Wales but it was so lovely to see her mother’s array of vintage Laura Ashley pieces living on and transcending the generations.



  1. Laura Ashley child’s boater
  2. Laura Ashley silk shirt dress (worn unbuttoned)
  3. Laura Ashley floral dress (shortened and layered under a blouse)
  4. Laura Ashley blue cable knit jumper
  5. Laura Ashley red dress (perhaps the most recognisable!)
  6. Laura Ashley striped sun‑hat
  7. Laura Ashley hat
  8. Laura Ashley jumper dress
  9. Laura Ashley jumper
  10. Laura Ashley child’s boater (again)
  11. Laura Ashley black peg leg trousers

Did you know that Laura Ashley has an archive in London and Wales? If you have any old pictures of you in Laura Ashley we would love to see them on our facebook page or even better if you have any unwanted vintage pieces please donate them to our archive and help us continue to capture our past. You can contact our London archive on: 020 7880 5379


these are such gorgeous photos, especially the red dress – a timeless design.
i love my collection of vintage laura ashely, collected over the years / passed down from my mum, and they are always sure to get a lovely response from passers by and on my blog posts 😉

I worked for Laura Ashley from 1980 – my very first dress was a huge red floral brushed cotton smock dress, wished I’d kept it now…happy, happy days x

The vintage clothes here look like current
fashions compared to my collection ! I only
wish I could have “kept up fashions” from
Laura A. collections I once enjoyed here
in USA NJ/NYC. I have never found any
collection since the years in USA that meets my needs and
fashion desires as LA did all those years
ago. Truly refretful that the organization left
the USA. I will never part w/ my collection
of dresses, blouses, hats, stockings, suits,
etc. as somehow I keep hoping they will come
back “in style”. Not likely, but always hopeful
to wear them again !

I love these styles, mine are all long gone due to ‘middle age spread’. Please bring these vintage styles and fabrics back, this is true Laura Ashley.

how lovely you look. I have collected laura ashley for 25 +years but foolishly left them behind when i left home. i have been building up my collection again, mainly from ebay. recently i got remarried 7 wore a vintage L.A. dress. keep Laura ashley look alive with a whole new generation.

I am fascinated to hear there is a Laura Aahley archive. Like the wonderful Laura I love classic clothes not fashion. Laura Ashley style could have been designed with me in mind. I pride myself that I’ve never thrown away anything bearing the Laura Ashley label. My collection ranges from 1960’s to present day. I have repeatedly asked for vintage designs to be brought back as things do wear out. I remember Christmas at my local store in Newcastle meant mulled wine mince pies and shortbread and sale on Boxing day was the highlight of the year. Friendships were made in the queue outside the store and the best purchase I made was an Edwardian coat that I had tried on but couldn’t afford until it was reduced in the sale and their was one left, my size, and the exact amount of money I had saved.

I have been wearing Laura Ashley for thelast forty years but my early 70’s dresses are treasured as they evoke many special memories like a maroon tartan dress with a lace collarand satin bow worn at Christmas.Also a pale blue rose flowered dress worn to Ladies Day at Ascot.I am hoping to have a grand-daughter to pass them on to but I will remember you have an archive !if I can bear to part with the large case full I have.

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