The Best Way to Wear Pastels this Spring

Feminine and elegant, pastel hues are essential for any spring wardrobe. read more

Nothing says spring better than soft florals and pastel hues. No longer are candy pinks, baby-duck yellows and soft blues reserved for the kids—adults can now have their fun too. Over the last few years the spring pastels trend has continued to grow, so much so that pastels have become a staple in every woman’s spring wardrobe.

While the colours are fun and youthful, knowing what to pair with them to create a balanced outfit can sometimes be difficult. If done right, the gentle hues of a pastel ensemble can exude a look of timeless elegance.

These simple tips will ensure you put no foot wrong when refreshing your wardrobe and creating an outfit using spring pastels.

The Best Way to Wear Pastels this Spring

Blocking colour with floral prints

To create balance within your ensemble, why not pair your pastels with a floral print. This combination will give your outfit a bit of character while still maintaining the subtle elegance you hoped to achieve. When looking for a print to pair with your pastel, it is best to choose a pattern that has your pastel hue within. This will give your outfit a balanced look. The pastel pink Camelia jumper from the British Gardens Collection perfectly complements the floral print featured on the pair of blue trousers.

To ensure your pastel piece can really shine, it is best to keep it simple when accessorising. A nice pair of hoop earrings, pearl drop earrings or a plain silver bracelet would be sufficient to complete this look.

The Best Way to Wear Pastels this Spring
Matching your pastels in with your prints

As briefly mentioned above, an easy way to create balance within your outfit is to match the colour of your pastel piece with a print. This matching look is easy to create and is a great go-to when you are running out the door and need to quickly throw something on. The playful ice-cream design of the Lollipop Voile Blouse uses a pastel pinks, blues and greens. The subtle green tones match in with the Eau De Nil Chinos to create a clean and fresh look.

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Keep it simple

There are a number of techniques fashion designers use when experimenting with pastels. The monochromatic look is particularly popular at the moment—a look where your outfit, shoes and accessories all match. Also popular is colour blocking with two contrasting pastels to create a high fashion look. While these techniques may look stunning on the runway, they can be hard to master in real life.

A surefire way to create an outfit with pastels that looks both fresh and elegant is to keep it simple. This means not over-accessorising and sticking to a simple colour palette.

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Pair your pastels with neutral accents for a spring look

Colours like white, cream, tan and even on occasion black can do wonders in highlighting the soft tones of your pastel pieces. These colours can also give your outfit a more high end and dressy look—great for a spring garden party.

Accessorising with neutral tones is also a great way to bring balance to an outfit using a print. A white pair of shoes really makes the floral design of the Laura Ashely Pintuck Floret Print Dress pop by matching in with the dress’s neutral tones. The white also works in with the Powder Blue Stretch Cotton Jacket, making the outfit look light and fresh—perfect for spring.

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