The Art Of The Classic Breton Tee

Breton is key for summer so see how best to style it... read more

We’re sure you’re like us and when it hits summer you are searching for your classic Breton tee to see you through the season. A stripe really is the most stylish print to be wearing during the warmer months and works with any outfit. The lovely Sinead from Love Style Mindfulness is in agreement and shows how she’ll be styling our new season Breton…

The classic Breton tee has become somewhat of an art form. Firmly cemented in “wardrobe essentials” status and classified in fashion language as Parisian chic it’s something pretty much anyone can and will wear. You can dress it up, you can dress it down. It looks equally as good with a pretty skirt and blazer as it does with jeans and trainers which is most likely what’s earned it the classic status. Possibly the most versatile of all the wardrobe staples on the ever-changing wardrobe staples list. Trends come and go but girls, the Breton tee remains.

breton3 breton4 Most commonly spotted on the likes of Alexa Chung in a navy blue, most recently, likely, emblazoned with a cute phrase or french word. I opted for a classic red Breton tee. To me, this is perfect.

breton2 breton8 I love a play on stripes so the alternative thick and thin stripes are more than welcome and the sleeve length is just where I wanted it, and in a women’s t-shirt!? Those of you who saw my art of sizing video/post will know I’m usually all over the men’s t-shirt section. Laura Ashley have nailed the fit of this tee and made me eat my words when it comes to women’s t-shirts, may have to go and stock up in every colour.

breton5 I can’t not mention this bag. I’ve been after a bag with bamboo handles ever since I first got Pinterest and discovered the Gucci classic and don’t even talk to me about their latest bamboo offering. So you can gather…a while. Though this may not be a basket bag which we all know is the holy grail of fashion right now, but it’s definitely got basket bag vibes and who wants to go with the crowd anyway? (me). I didn’t know I needed a bag like this until I got this one. Now I can fit my laptop in my handbag and make use of those endless train journeys to and from London. If there was ever a reason to buy the bag girls, this is it.

breton7 breton We love how Sinead has styled this! What do you wear your Breton tee with? Let us know below or on Twitter @LauraAshleyUK

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