How to use wallpaper to create a stunning feature wall

Learn how to create a stunning feature wall in any room with these simple steps. read more

Feature walls are perfect for adding a bit of texture and dimension to your rooms, often serving as a focal point and highlighting hero items in an interior space. A feature wall can be used to create a textural backdrop for your furnishings (especially if using wooden panelling or brickwork) or can highlight a room theme through the use of a patterned wallpaper. Feature walls are also a great option if you want to use a patterned background but don’t want to wallpaper your whole room.

For #InternationalWallpaperWeek we have given our tips of how to create a stunning feature wall with our wallpapers no matter the interior space.

How to create a stunning feature wall

Colour Palette Inspiration

When choosing a colour or pattern for your feature wall it is important to factor it into your overall colour scheme so it does not look out of place or mismatched. There are two ways to do this:

Start with the colour palette

If you have a set colour palette for your room but want to create a feature wall, find some wallpaper that fits within the main theme. Compare the colours on the wallpaper to your own swatches and see if there is a colour match. Also if you find a design you like but the colour is different, make sure you go online to check if the print has multiple colour-ways. Often times there will be quite a few colour options to choose from.

Start with the wallpaper

A great way to create a unique colour palette for a room is to base it off a wallpaper print. The colours are all there on the print, giving you a good base for the rest of the room. From the pattern you can choose a primary base colour as well as a secondary colour and an accent colour then decorate accordingly.

How to create a stunning feature wall

Panelling for a unique look

A modern way to use wallpaper to create a feature wall is to use it on wall-panelling. Panelling not only gives your wall added texture but also frames wallpaper like artwork, creating a bold effect—perfect for balancing out a more neutral colour scheme.


How to create a stunning feature wall

Framing a hero feature

A feature wall does not need to be bold to create a beautiful effect. A more subtle feature wall is the perfect tool for highlighting hero features in the room. A subtle side-feature-wall with a more neutral design can be perfect for picking up the colour of a grand sofa or balancing out a pair of large pelmet curtains.

How to create a stunning feature wall

Optical Effects

Using a lighter wallpaper for a feature wall is a great way to give your room a larger feel, especially if your walls are of a darker hue. The vertical lines on our Bedgebury Natural Paste The Wall Wallpaper not only give a retro look to our New Neutrals roomset, they also create an optical illusion—making the space look larger. There are many wallpaper patterns that can make your room look bigger; mural wallpapers in particular are great for opening up a space.

How to create a stunning feature wall

Creating Contrast with your feature wall

If your room is lacking a bit of contrast to really make all your interior elements pop, adding a bold print is the perfect way to give your room a new lease on life. Creating a bit of contrast and drama in your room the perfect way to identify new colour combinations and align your furniture to create a more balanced look. A bold bedroom feature wall is very popular as it often perfectly frames bedheads and side tables; creating a symmetrical look.

Would you like to create a feature wall in your home? Let us know in the comments below.


How do I create the right effect with wallpaper when my lounge has a dado rail? House has many original features (built 1856 was originally a railway station)

Hi Dawn,

A dado rail can create quite a beautiful effect if you wallpaper above the rail and choose a more neutral or light colour from your chosen print and paint below the rail. Because the wallpaper is balanced with a neutral colour below you can be a bit more adventurous with your print. To totally vevamp your space, think about matching your accessories in with the colours taken from your print.

The Laura Ashley Team Xx

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