How to use deep red in your interior

Learn how to use deep red in your interiors for a look of classic elegance read more

Deep red is a stunning colour, perfect for bringing a bit of warmth into any interior and often giving a room an opulent, romantic look. Hues of deep red like cranberry and scarlet were particularly popular with the royals through the ages, so is it any wonder that the colour shines when paired with classical furniture?

Our new Rose Garden collection revisits a glamorous archive design and reinterprets it using bold reds with pops of green; for an ageless look that never goes out of style. See how we used deep red in our room set to create a contemporary look with vintage elements.

How to use deep red in your interior

Paint the walls

The simplest way to make deep red a feature in your interior is to use it on the walls. Using red on your walls is also the most versatile way to make use of the colour, depending on your interior preferences. Adding furniture with a more classic design will give your room a more glamorous look while pairing red with neutral, earthy tones and modern furnishings will give your room a new-age look. Red is a great colour to use on a feature wall, as it makes a stunning backdrop colour for hanging accessories of both dark and light hues.

How to use deep red in your interior

Pairing deep red with neutrals for a modern look

The easiest way to give a deep red a more contemporary look is to pair the colour with earthy neutrals. Creams, tans and browns work especially well with deep red; often softening the warmness of the hue for a brighter look. Using cream against deep red not only provides your interior with a striking contrast, but also helps frame the room for a more spacious look. Like most darker shades, a dark red can sometimes have the side-effect of making a room look smaller. This is why dark red is such a good option for those wanting to create a cosy, country-cottage look. However, if your space is on the small side already, you can use cream to border and offset the effect your red hue and give your space a more open feel.

How to use deep red in your interior

Make it pop with forest green

When it comes to working with deep red, adding subtle pops of green is a great way to add some dimension to your room. Green can be subtlety weaved throughout the prints on your soft furnishings or can be added to the room through the use of real or faux plants. Cushions and rugs are also great for subtly incorporating the colour into your interior. Adding the green to your colour palette not only adds interest to your design but also helps with the colour balance of the room—making it more neutral.

How to use deep red in your interior How to use deep red in your interior

Dark wood for a classic look

If you are going for a more classic look, like the one in our Rose Garden imagery, use furniture with a darker wood. Darker furniture perfectly complements the warmness of a deep red while giving your room a romantic vintage look. To give your rooms the royal touch, choose furniture with gold or brass drawer pulls or handles.

How to use deep red in your interior How to use deep red in your interior

Warm metallic accents for a cosy feel

For a more cosy feel, pair your deep red with gold, copper and brass metallic accents throughout the home. An easy way to add these accents is to incorporate them in your light fittings, accessories and furniture. If you are using golden hues in your home, especially on your light fittings, it is best to choose lightbulbs that are warmer rather than cooler in colour. A warm lightbulb will highlight the accents in your room and add to the warmness of your already rich hues.

For advice on what type of light to choose for the colour scheme in your room, check out our blog post on choosing the right lighting for any room.

How to use deep red in your interior

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I love red I have red in my front room. It always looks so warm & cozy just love it. It’s not as grand as yours but I love it just the same. Well done Laura you know how to please ❤

Can I use this red on a period room , as it is bright and vibrant and fabulous . Does it go well with brown furniture

Hi Joanne,

Deep colours (like deep red) are great for highlighting period architecture and brown furniture is a great match with red in both modern and period schemes (especially now that earthy tones are making a big comeback). If you are a little worried about using the colour in your home our Interior design service might be able to help start you off:

I hope this helps.

The Laura Ashley Team Xx

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