Tips for using faux plants in your interior

Faux indoor plants are the perfect way to incorporate some greenery into your home without the stress of plant maintenance read more

Using plants in the home is a great way to bring a bit of greenery inside and add a bit of interest to your rooms. However, while indoor plants may sound like a great idea, there are a number of tasks involved with keeping your plants looking in tip top shape. Making sure pets also do their part by staying away from the indoor plants is also another thing to consider. If you are not blessed with green-thumbs, using faux plants is a great way to get the look you desire without having to worry about watering your plants and removing dead leaves.

If you want to add faux plants to your interior but don’t know where to start, we have some simple tips that will have you on your way in no time.

Tips for using faux plants in your interior

Go for quality

The most important thing when purchasing a faux plant is to find one that is as realistic as possible. There is a bit of stigma around faux plants, as many are used to seeing the low-quality bouquets. Shopping around, there are a number of realistic faux plants on the market that look just like the real thing. At the moment, faux bouquets are being used in homes everywhere, with stunning arrangements for any taste now available. The 70s-style plant revival is still going strong with Fiddle-leaf figs, Calatheas and Philodendrons all remaining in vogue. These plants are easy to copy as the texture of their waxy leaves is easier to replicate with high-quality plastic.

Tips for using faux plants in your interior

Mix your faux plants with the real thing

An easy way to make sure your faux plants blend seamlessly in with your interiors is to use a combination of fake and real plants. This is great if you don’t mind having a few real plants in the home as this will create the illusion that your faux plants are real. It’s also useful if there are areas in the home that you would like to decorate, but have found unsuitable for plant growth. This could be an area with little sunlight or an area near an indoor heater. Placing plants close together will also heighten this effect, making it near impossible for guests to pick out the real from the fake.

Tips for using faux plants in your interior

Follow the light

When placing your faux plants, it is important to make them look as natural as possible to give the illusion of realness. An easy way to do this is to bend and shape the leaves of larger plant so they face toward the sunlight in the room. In real life, your plants would seek out the sun so this is a great way to give your faux plants a more natural look. Arranging yours plants so the leaves are not completely symmetrical is also a must; unless the real life version has a more symmetrical look.

Tips for using faux plants in your interior

On top of perfecting the up-top look of your faux plants, making sure the base is also realistic is a great way to give your plants a more natural look. Some faux plants already come with faux moss which can look quite realistic. If your faux plant does not have anything natural around the base a great way to make your plant look more real is to anchor it down with real dirt or rocks. This will give the impression that the fake has been planted in the pot and is real.

Tips for using faux plants in your interior

Using decorative potting solutions

An easy way to make your faux plant look more like the real thing is to place it in a nice pot. In real life, a ‘low-quality’ plastic pot would not be used for a real indoor plant as it is not durable⁠—no one wants to clean the mess up if the pot were to accidentally break. Sturdy high-quality pots give the illusion that the faux plant needs the extra support. Patterned pots are also a great option as they give the eye a focal point. This means that visitors will be more focussed on the pattern of your pot and the overall look of your display rather than picking up on any indicators of fake greenery.

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What do you think of our new range of faux plants? Would you use them in your home? Let us know in the comments below.

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