Tips for a toddler-friendly Christmas

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Seasons greetings. I know, I know, I am a little early this year however it is the most wonderful time of the year and I am fully ready to soak up every minute of the Christmas cheer. Now normally I wouldn’t dare mention the big C before December 1st however this year is a little different. This year we’re expecting our second baby on Christmas Day, therefore being super-duper organised is a MUST. With that said, our tree is up and our home has been transformed into a festive wonderland. Christmas playlist, matching pyjamas and the smell of cinnamon, pine and berries filling each room, oh it’s definitely the most wonderful time of year!

Preparing the home for Christmas is a jolly, magical occasion and decorating with young children need not change that at all. I’ve listed my top 3 tips for preparing your home for Christmas with young children, so even if the weather outside is frightful, your home will be most delightful, (last one, I promise). Here are my top tips for a toddler-friendly Christmas.



Safety first, always. Think location location location. This year I’ve placed our tree into a corner area of the room preventing any temptation for little people to climb, crawl or barge behind it. Neatly bundle any loose cord, lights or wire to prevent tripping or choking hazards. If you have a tree skirt use this to store any excess wire and try placing your tree as close to a socket as possible. Now the thing is, Christmas with children will most likely mean your tree will not be Harrods window display worthy, however that is the joy of a family home. Your most prized baubles, well the fragile and easily breakable ones should be placed at the top of the tree, any tree decorations within little peoples reach should be shatterproof and easily removable from tree, avoid tying or securing decorations to your tree and personally I think tinsel and beaded string should be avoided at all costs. Oh and do remember test out those lights before wrapping them round the tree, that’s a must.



From glass baubles to real tree pine, Christmas decorations can be a real hazard for little ones. Think stuffed toys and softer materials when choosing decor and make an effort to get down to their level, have a crawl around the floor, anything breakable keep out of arms reach. I’m not overly keen on too much glitter however if glitter is your thing, give those decorations a good shake to avoid a constant outpour of sparkle. LED lit candles are another great way to keep the same cosy, wintery feel without posing any harm to little ones and I love these plastic LED Christmas Trees, made with a softer plastic. They are durable in even the most destructive hands! I’ve added festive cushions and soft toys to give that Christmas feel throughout the house. I love this Sleigh Bell Gold Wreath which gives a nice jingle whenever the door opens. There’s such a buzz in the air when kids are around at Christmas.



Get crafty

Make your own decor! There are tonnes of great art and craft ideas on Pinterest. One of my favourites is the simple ribbon on a twig, which creates a cute hanging decoration with no glue, glitter or paint in sight (result!).

Now as I said, the tree this year is unlikely to secure a feature in Ideal Home magazine, however if you do dread the thought of brightly coloured decor overtaking your winter wonderland themed Christmas, why not have a second tree, or give the children a tree of their own. My little one has his own mini Christmas tree which has worked a treat, (perhaps nearer the Christmas run up I’ll pop a little treat of two on it). The key here is to ensure our little ones feel very much involved in decorating the home at Christmas, keeping them intrigued and allowing that little responsibility will let them enjoy the magic of Christmas throughout the home without too much compromise.

IMG_5148 IMG_5143

Now the tree is up, wreath has been hung and cinnamon spice is filling each room. This definitely is the most wonderful time of year and I can’t wait to share every moment with my little one, or ones should I say. Wishing you all a wonderful festive season, enjoy spending precious time with your most loved ones in that place we all love most, home.

What are your tips for a toddler-friendly Christmas? Let us know by commenting below.

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