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We’re all guilty of rushing around and taking little time to just sit and enjoy some downtime at home with our loved ones. So let’s see how the lovely Emma from Mamalina copes with her busy schedule and enjoys quality time with her children.

The more time I spend at home, the more I’m convinced of the importance of taking things slowly as a parent with your kids, creating a space, being in it and just seeing what comes up. Sounds simple right? And yet so many (myself included – just ask my husband) spend our time filling our diaries with brunches, play dates, days out, date nights and the rest. Don’t get me wrong; I love seeing friends and family and travel is my passion but once kids come along, I strongly believe that there is something extremely powerful for you and for your kids in just doing very, very little and bedding down at home.

Mamalina Cosy Night In I get asked a lot so here are some ways we keep things slow around here:

Clear your diary

Resist making plans and just block out a whole day with “n o t h i n g”. It might feel daunting as if you’ll be bored (and maybe you will – but I have a feeling you won’t) but it’s the first and most important step in slowing down.

Tune in

We listen to music non-stop throughout the day to keep things calm. It also helps me remain in an adult world and lifts my energy as and when. Here’s my playlist that we tend to put on but we also listen to a lot of podcasts, Ted Talks and chill. fm (it’s a digital radio station which is ad-free – it’s awesome and seems to be the magic ingredient in getting the kids to fall asleep in the car)

Burn one down

Is there anything more relaxing than a lit candle? The first thing I do when I come downstairs is switch on the fairy lights and light some candles. Forget hair straighteners, candles are by far the biggest fire risk in our home as I have them burning constantly. Scented ones, for the win.

Mamalina Cosy Night In Get yourself a cuppa

And preferably find a favourite mug that just makes you feel good (because life’s too short to not have favourite mugs) Hot drinks are a lovely way to keep things cosy – I’m currently obsessed with hot chocolate with a dash of maple syrup.

Good Pjs

Ever tried to get your child dressed in a rush? Don’t do it! We sometimes don’t get dressed until midday and sometimes if I’m being uber lazy, I might just throw a jumper over the top of the kids pjs. I currently hardly take off my Laura Ashley pyjamas, they’re just ridiculously comfortable and I love pink pinstripes.

Get cosy

Blankets are a must. Plus, sometimes Sonny will just fall asleep on the floor which means having blankets around allow me to just grab one and lay it over him.


We try not to have too many toys in the house (I especially avoid plastic) mainly because I don’t like having too much ‘stuff’ in our space and I think it ensures a calmer space. But we do have lots of puzzles, building blocks, trains and wooden toys. And a tonne of toys that aren’t really toys, like tupperware, old keyboards and pieces of string. I personally feel fewer toys creates more creative minds in kids and helps them (and me!) not feel overwhelmed. We also have a pack of Mindful Kin play cards which we love for when we need some ‘inspiration’. They’re a pack of cards with mindful based activities and such fun.

Mamalina Cosy Night In Use technology

Whilst we definitely try to avoid TV, there are certainly moments where TV can help create a calm and chilled out environment. I always set clear goals when switching on the TV and always let Jack switch it off himself – I think that makes him feel like he has the control.

Get some fresh air

If you have access to outside space, be sure to pop in and out into it. Fresh air is super important and a quick run around a garden can turn a mood (you or theirs) around.

Get cooking

I’ll always think about dinner and start prepping something first thing in the morning. It’s lovely to be able to take your time thinking about a meal (recently I’ve been making this sweet Moroccan vegan soup a lot) and then be able to pop to get any ingredients you need during the day. This makes the perfect little trip outside!

Mamalina Cosy Night In You’ll feel the need to leave the house naturally arise (and then if you ‘re anything like us, you’ll really need to get out the house!). However, I hope you might feel a little inspired to spend more time doing less, just being at home with your little ones. I think you’ll really find the benefit as a result – tag how you spend your time using #zeroplansday!

I hope you enjoyed this post and thanks so much for reading.

Emma x

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What would be your one tip when it comes to keeping things “slow” and spending more time doing less? Let us know below or @LauraAshleyUK.

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