Me And Mr Jones We Got A Thing Goin’ On

Join Sally as she gives us a little tour of her bathroom makeover, complete with Laura Ashley tiles... read more

The wonderful Sally from Getting Stuff Done In Heels was in need of a bathroom makeover and we were happy to join her on a rather stressful journey. Now weeks/ perhaps months later the bathroom is complete and our superbly stylish Mr Jones tiles were proud to take centre stage. Let’s hear from Sally about her love affair with this dashing ceramic tile…

Some of you might be too young to sing the tune to my slightly updated song title  – but now it’s in my head like an earworm! Apologies if I have passed it on! Lol

Sallybathroom11 So this is a Bathroom Makeover Post, all about updating the very tired and dreary bathroom that we installed ten years ago, after a year long house renovation at a time when we had no money, no energy and no inspiration left!

Thanks to a fabulous day out at the LA SS17 Press Day, inspiration struck & I finally found my bathroom mojo!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA You see, Laura Ashley had laid on icecream for their visitors, and in the rush to grab some (v. unlady like, but it was salted caramel! I mean!) I fell over the tile samples! And while I was picking myself up, I realised I was eye level with Mr Jones. And he cast his spell on me! It was love at first sight.

Mr Jones is the most gorgeous tile, that comes in Dove Grey and Charcoal, and it was the Charcoal version that took my fancy. I teamed it with the Artisan wall tiles, in white – but there are some beautiful chalky colours in the range

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA We decided to use a light grey grout on the walls, and a mid grey on the floor

The tiles are British made, as you would expect from a brand such as Laura Ashley and are absolutely beautiful.

Having a ‘busy’ floor, surprisingly, makes the room look so much bigger -our bathroom is teeny – the width of a standard bath. We chose tongue and groove cladding and painted it in a darkish grey. The paint above the panelling is what I call Blush Grey (so I can get away with it, having an all male household!) It’s very slightly pink, but if anyone asks, it’s definitely greyish pink haha

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I decided to match the window treatment, to the floor, as the floor is so busy and I didn’t fancy a plain blind, and I thought that using another pattern might jar. We ordered a made to measure Laura Ashley roller blind in here, as we have sloping ceilings, and it’s impossible to have curtains – but in a bathroom, I think a roller blind is quite a good idea. The blind is a paler and warmer grey, than the floor, so it’s not too contrived. Beryl, our cat, agrees.

Accessorising our posh new bathroom was the fun bit! I am a serial faffer – I can faff for England.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I love love love peonies and spend a fortune on them, every year, so when I spotted these peonies in a goldfish bowl style glass, vase, I was on it – quicker than a rat up a drain pipe!

They look so real, they even fooled my Mum, who has radar for a faux fleur.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I love having candles in the bathroom, so I thought I’d try the mini diffuser set – which comes with a room spray, two mini candles and a mini diffuser – the bathroom smells delicious!  I’ve never used a diffuser set before – I thought sticks in a pot was a bit odd – how wrong was I!  It smells amazing would make a lovely gift.

Next up – towels.

We have a large collection – actually, we have a large, random assortment of terrible towels haha! Some circa 1995 from when we got married! And some in various shades from purple, to graphite grey. With 3 boys, I thought a coloured towel would be a good idea! Whaaaat a mistake-a-ta-make-a! They just end up splodged with mysterious bleach stains and look awful. (Where do those bleach marks come from?) SO on reflection, I think you can’t go wrong with white towels.

Fluffy white towels – gorgeous! I love the LA branded towels. They are super soft and fluffy.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I even let the others use them, as they wash so well!

I thought I’d think a bit outside the box, for towel storage – having a couple of spare towels in the bathroom, along with some loo rolls, easily accessible – got me to pondering. I spent ages flicking through the catalogue, and had a moment of genius! (Genius and madness are not far apart, are they, so bear with!) I decided that a log basket would be PERFECT! (duh, obvs!) I love that the sides are high – hiding what is inside – but the ends are open! And it fits perfectly under the basin.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA So, there we are! Our poor old bathroom is now a gorgeous space, that I love being in. Tempted to move in with a pillow and duvet – it’s gone from being my least favourite space, to my fave room in the house!

Sally bathroom1 If anyone wants me, I shall be languishing, prune like, in bubbles, until further notice! I’d love to hear from you – come and say hi over on Instagram

We are in love with Sally’s bathroom! Make sure you check out the rest of the Laura Ashley tile collection.


I love this and have just put the same floor in my bathroom. What colour is the panelling painted? I am having a nightmare trying to find the right colour to match

I have Mr Jones on my bathroom floor and every time I wash the floor, the pattern fades, help!!

Should I deal the Mr Jones tiles as some of mine (just laid) are showing marks, help!!!!!

Hi there – have just bought these in dove grey and am about to lay. Reading comments above am anxious to know how best I can treat/protect them once cleaned. Happy for details to be passed on to British Ceramic. Many thanks.

I have Mr Jones tiles in my bathroom and over the year several of them have developed a hairline crack right across them. Please advise

Hi what colour did you use to paint your panelling having trouble matching the tiles would be grateful if you could tell me the colour thank you

Hi , i have these in the paler colour in my hall way, finished laying last week. I love them but im strugglimg to lift the dirt off them with mopping. Ive tried light scrubbing but it seems that there staining?! Can i use a weak bleech spay on them to try and lift the marks? Im concered how porous they seem.

I’m just about to get my bathroom floor laid with the Laura Ashley tiles. I’d like to know how to make sure they are protected is there some sort of sealant or treatment that will stop fading and prevent stains?

I also have problem when I clean these tiles, they look dull and dirt doesn’t seem to lift. Any advise on products that would help would be greatly appreciated

I am in LOVE with the Mr. Jones tile and am getting ready to put it in a bathroom. After reading some of the comments that others experienced with fading and cleaning issues, I’d love to please know…What is the best way to clean them? Should they be treated with anything to prevent fading? Thanks! Debbie

Hi Debbie,

I just had a chat to our team and we have recently changed the suppliers for our Mr. Jones tiles, I have been assured there is no longer a fading issue. Regarding tile protection and maintenance, if you would like to contact our customer service team, they would be more than happy to help. You can reach them on

The Laura Ashley Team x

Very poor quality tiles, our cracked not even a month after posing them. I thought it was the trady’s fault but my neighbours bought the same for their toilet and same thing happened. Plus they fade when you mop them! And I keep discovering more cracks…

Hi Dorothee,

I am very sorry you had a bad experience with the tiles. Would you be able to give me some more details. Did you recently buy the tiles? If so, do you know the name of the supplier you bought them from? I would like to delve further into this.

Regards The Laura Ashley team Xx

I have just bought these tiles. I bought them online. I am worried that they may be the old batch. Please can you advise whether the old batch tiles need sealing or coating to protect them?

Hi Sarah,

Thanks for getting in contact. Our new suppliers of our Mr Jones’ is Tile Giant – all other tiles with a similar design are not official Laura Ashley tiles and we have no way of controlling their quality. Can you let me know when you purchased them?

Regards Sarah


Thanks for your reply and for looking into this. We bought our tiles from Homebase Finchley in London in April 2018.

I don’t know where my neighbours bought theirs, but they got them last summer and the same thing happened to them.

Hi Dorothee,

Thanks for getting back to me. Our old supplier of our Mr Jones tiles, British Ceramic Tile, went into administration so unfortunately I can’t get in contact with them for any care and maintenance information or information about the tiles. Our new supplier Tile Giant is setting up a customer line of enquiry but it is not fully set up yet. I will have a chat to the customer services department on my end and see if they can help.

The Laura Ashley Team Xx

Very poor quality tiles, got them laid in our downstairs toilet in nov 2017, they are completely discoloured now, also I seem to be noticing new dents/ chips every now and then. We purchased these from ‘Walls and Floors’, and they came in Laura Ashley packaging. Extremely disappointed as you don’t expect such rubbish quality from a name like Laura Ashley. It fades every time I clean it, did it need glazing when it was laid? Let me know what I need to do to get this sorted. I wish I could post a picture of the tiles so any potential buyers would know what they are getting into . Beautiful looking, yes they are, but awful quality.

What is the latest situation with the Mr Jones midnight tile please as I do mot want any problems like cracking or fading Thank you

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