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Hello there everyone! Will from Bright.Bazaar here. If you read my blog you will be familiar with my penchant for all things colourful; from primrose yellow to azure blue and emerald green to dusty pink, there is rarely a hue that doesn’t catch my colour‑loving eye. And because of this, I find myself drawn to experiences that will inspire my creative mind. One thing that always does this is travel…


The sights and sounds of visiting a new country are a treat for the senses, but colour inspiration can also be found closer to home. Take a look at what your wearing today, perhaps you have a colourful ring or jazzy tie? What about the floor you are standing upon or the colour of the car you drive? Often we feel at a loss as to what colours we like when it comes to home decorating. My advice is to take a more relaxed approach to begin with and let your existing experiences inspire what colour means to you. Looking at everyday items and choices you make, such as the clothes you buy or the restaurants you dine at, will help you see what sort of colours you gravitate towards. Once you’ve learnt more about the colours you like, then start to consider the more practical points of which hues and shades would work best in which spaces. More on that soon…! In the meantime, here are some photographs that inspired me from my travels. From the candy coloured facades in Munich to the golden yolk hues of weathered buildings in Italy, I just can’t help but capture the beauty of colourful buildings and they often inspire my colour choices when decorating.


Browsing through the Laura Ashley fabric collection, I was drawn to the Giselle GeraniumWallace and Serpentine designs. I think the soft colour palette of Giselle is my favourite, especially as it feels perfect for the current season. Which takes your vote? Where do you find colour inspiration?


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There is so much color around us! We just have to have or eyes (and minds) open to absorb all the beauty =)
Thanks Will for the great inspiration!
p.s Love the Giselle Geranium Fabric! It actually smells of fresh blooms!

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