The Importance of Creating a Calming Space as a Parent

Katrina shows us how easy it is to create a tranquil room... read more

Once you have children your home has to function in a different way so that there is room for your little ones to grow and play and too often parents forget to find a space they can call their own. It’s important at the end of the day to have somewhere you can escape the madness and be able to relax and recharge your batteries. The lovely Kat from Katrina Bruni shows us the importance of creating a calming space within her own home and we think you’ll feel very zen after seeing it…

As much as parenting is rewarding, wonderful and full of blessings; it can also be challenging and tiring. Having my very own personal and tranquil space to practice my daily mindfulness, yoga as well as general use, is important for ongoing self-care. You can’t fill from an empty cup after all.

I wish I had taken before pictures, as my old room lacked style and it did nothing for my soul. Now, I’m madly in love with my new clean and chic vibes with thanks to some additional pieces from Laura Ashley.

Katrina Bruni Home Accessories Bedding Cushions Throws I adore having fresh cut flowers around the house and you will often see peonies, sunflowers, roses and gerberas in my Instagram feed. A good vase needs to compliment the beauty of the flowers and this stunning Josette Silver Printed Vase does just that. It’s wide, tall and the design is from the Josette range which happens to connect well with the bed linen. 

Katrina Bruni Home Accessories Bedding Cushions Throws OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Fresh, crisp, clean and feminine designs are my personal choice and the Josette Dove Grey Cotton Duvet Cover and Pillow Cases from Laura Ashley didn’t disappoint. The pattern and colours work perfectly with the room and I love the fact you can choose between two sides as one is darker and one is lighter. There’s nothing quite like jumping into freshly washed and aired sheets at bedtime especially when they are as gorgeous and delicate as this.

Katrina Bruni Home Accessories Bedding Cushions Throws I read somewhere that you should never match your curtains with cushions, so I decided on this ensemble for the scatter cushions. Layering these textures and colours has tied the room together beautifully. I especially love the detail of the Laura Ashely Pussy Willow Printed Steel Cushion which connects the Iona and Josette patterns perfectly.

Katrina Bruni Home Accessories Bedding Cushions Throws Pink isn’t usually my first choice of colour however, over the past few months I have become a huge fan of dusky pink and I feel it works beautifully with the grey and white.

Katrina Bruni Home Accessories Bedding Cushions Throws Clutter free spaces are much more inviting, these practical and useful Iona Storage Boxes are ideal to store toiletries, hair care items and safe keeps as well as looking gorgeous on my drawers.

Katrina Bruni Home Accessories Bedding Cushions Throws Katrina Bruni Home Accessories Bedding Cushions Throws Finally, lighting is equally an important part of bringing a room together. I am a huge fan of drum lamp shades and decided to keep it plain, rather than go for a patterned one. This Sorrento Charcoal Shade works perfectly with the tones, textures and colours throughout the room.

Katrina Bruni Home Accessories Bedding Cushions Throws One of my top tips for creating an honest space would be to go with what feels right for you. It needs to be a space you enjoy and feel happy in. Florals, beautiful patterns and these colours have created this subtle, feminine, delicate and elegant space, which was the main goal for this room and I’m beyond thrilled with the outcome.

Have you got a little area in your home that you can call your own and truly relax in? Let us know below or on Twitter @LauraAshleyUK

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