Pink Paradise Bedroom For Children

A lot of children dream of waking up surrounded by a world of pink in their bedroom. We understand the desire they have to saturate their dwellings with a wide spectrum of pink shades. read more

Some children dream of waking up surrounded by a world of pink in their bedrooms. We understand the desire they have to fill their rooms with a wide spectrum of pink shades and cute imagery. That is why we believe the Bella Butterfly bedroom is perfect for your child. It will undoubtedly stir up your child’s imagination from the moment they enter their new room. This bedroom features softer pink tones that are accompanied by a beautiful butterfly theme.

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The Bella Butterfly Bedding is 100% Cotton so your child can get a great comfortable nights sleep. The Bella Butterfly Applique Single Duvet Cover and Pillowcase Set are complemented by the other bedding accessories. These include the Bella Butterfly Applique Cushion, Quilt, Fleece Blanket, Single Fitted Sheet and Pink Heart Shaped Sequin Cushion.

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Children love to play with their toys spread across the floor. The perfect solution for you to avoid nasty scratches and stains to your beautiful flooring would definitely be our Bella Butterfly Pink Rug.


 Curtains & Blinds

Make sure the kids get a good nights sleep by keeping out the bright street lights with our Bella Butterfly Collection of curtains and blinds.



Every child’s room needs a focal piece and we are pretty sure that we’ve found the definitive winner. Our Bella Butterfly Pink Mobile Ceiling Shade with its core of cascading pink butterflies is so eye-catching that it captures any child’s imagination.



The walls of a home can really bring any room to life. So adding our Bella Butterfly Wallpaper can widen the scope of the rooms entire theme.

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Including all the pieces of this Bedroom Collection is the what really ties the room together. Don’t you think that it leaves your child feeling that they have stepped into a pink butterfly paradise? Let us know your thoughts @lauraashleyuk or #lauraashley

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