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When it comes to wallpaper, you can pretty much find a design in every colour, style and pattern, which can make the idea of re-decorating your home quite daunting.

The amazing thing about today is that there doesn’t seem to be an over-riding trend, as we become more confident with our own tastes. Now, we are embracing schemes that work for us, making our house feel more like a home. Using our beautiful wallpapers and following this year’s interior guidelines, you will be able to get some inspiration towards finding your perfect wonder walls.

1. Colour Pops 

bold. 2017 is truly the year for the bold, with Pantone colour of the year being green, it is time for you colour lovers to go wild. Pick a colour that is strong and vibrant to give your home that little extra something, that brings it to life.

bold If decorating your room with one strong colour is a bit too much for you, then you can always opt for a wallpaper that features bold colours in it. This is when a statement wall could be the perfect solution for you. (See our Floral Heritage Wallpapers)

2. Geometrics and Symmetry

geometric Geometric wallpapers, in particular, are resonating with people wanting to create a bold yet fresh feel to their home. They work perfectly as statement walls, which anchor a room but can also be a more subtle wallpaper as supposed to having a bold colour run throughout your room. Our Weston Natural Wallpaper is the perfect example of this geometric shape that also has an organic feel to it.

symmetry If you want a wallpaper that is a bit more feminine, go for one that has some kind of symmetry to it. This Georgina Pale Charcoal Wallpaper is the perfect option if geometric shapes are a bit too structured for your style.

3. The Organics

chalk Inspired by the Nordic style of living, chalky tones of whites and blues have seemed to be a popular design in wallpaper this year. They speak to the beauty of imperfection and give your house a more natural and earthy feel.

chalk. These soft, bright tones will be perfect for a little refresh to your home as we move into those summery days, as well as opening up your room, creating an illusion of a bigger space. Try out our Dragonfly Garden or Tongue and Grove Seaspray Wallpaper to create this effect.

4.  Botanical Gardens

botanical. One of the biggest influences we have seen this year for interiors are designs that have botanical characteristics. Pick a design that has a summery feel to it, with the typical flower and bird motifs. Our Magnolia Grove Natural Wallpaper will add this botanical vibe to any room you choose.

botanical These inspired wallpapers will revitalise your home instantly and will help give your home that little extra character to suit your style. (See our  Harewood Pink Grapefruit Wallpaper)

Following these interior guidelines, you can’t go wrong when it comes to creating your perfect wonder walls.

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