Hop Into Easter With Ginger Lilly Tea’s Egg Hunt (& Giveaway!)

Ahead of this years Easter, blogger and photographer Keri-Anne captures her adorable girls Egg Hunt, & we're giving away £100 worth of Easter goodies... read more

(Please note: This competition is now closed and no further entries will be accepted as of Friday 27th March 2015)

Edging that ever nearer to Easter, our minds are turning to one of our favourite events of the year. With our new Easter shop launching full of Easter treats and pretty decoration, we’re inspired by all things Spring-like and are ready to celebrate in style. Easter to us means quality time with our family and the arrival of a new season, plus the day itself just wouldn’t be complete without a classic egg hunt! With this in mind, we invited one of our favourite photographers Keri-Anne of Ginger Lilly Tea to get into the Easter spirit and start exploring with her two adorable girls. If that wasn’t enough, we’re even giving away a whole host of Easter goodies! Read on to find out more…


Easter, to me, is one of the most magical holidays. The girls still believe in the Easter bunny and we love the lead up to the big day. We love crafting, making flower crowns, dying eggs and making our own birds nests using dried grass from the nearby meadow.

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One of our favourite things to do is to have an Easter Egg hunt, so I set up a hunt in the wood for them last week using some of the Laura Ashley Easter products. I hung the poms poms in the trees and the bunting across the wood path. We used the Easter hunt kit, which have the sweetest little bunnies in them, to map out the hunt and then we hid the mini chocolate eggsHetty bunnies chocolates and the truffles in the wood for the girls to find.

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They absoutley loved the hunt. Elle squealed most of the time when she found the eggs and Mia kept saying “This is so fun, thank you Mama” the whole time. After the hunt, they found a fallen tree and ate a few of their chocolates. I am so pleased that I was able to give them such a magical afernoon. It is so important to me as a mother to create these memories for the girls. We shall be doing another hunt on Easter day with their bigger eggs from the family and spending the day with the family. To me, Easter is all about making it as amazing and enchanting as i can for the girls and i think that is very much what I have managed to create already with this little Easter egg hunt.

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Hop to it! Fancy replicating Keri-Anne’s adorable hunt? Here’s our pick of the bunch, plus you could WIN £100 worth of Easter goodies by entering our competition below… 


Spring Bunting | Easter Egg Hunt Kit | Set of 3 Paper Pom Poms | Easter Chocolate Truffles | Mini Chocolate Eggs | Hetty Bunny | Chocolate Egg in a Mug


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What have you got planned for Easter? Whether you’re taking it easy or planning something big, we’d love to know in the comments below. Replicating this Easter Egg hunt? Tag us on Instagram #LauraAshley with your Laura Ashley Easter Egg Hunt for your chance to be featured on our page.


It looks like your girls had a lovely time in the woods. Amazing photographs. My daughter is so excited about Easter.

I’d love to win this prize as it would be the perfect pack to make our Easter garden party that bit extra special!

I would love to win because my Mum has been really ill for the past year and I would like to get her some nice goodies with the voucher as a surprise!

What a lovely chance to enable to put into place a magical time for youngsters to remember with affection for the rest of their lives

Beautiful. I think my little one (almost 3) would love to do an Easter Egg hunt. She loves rabbits, so the little rabbit signs would be excellent. Crossed fingers!

I love the nostalgia of an Easter egg hunt, but be warned not to put the eggs out too early if the weather is good. One year my daughter had melted bunnies!

Such beautiful photographs! I would love to win just to add a bit of magic to my daughters’ Easter 🙂

I love decorating the house for all occasions, some Easter things would be fab!

This would be great to help with the easter hunt i am having for my kids and niece and nephew x

Since getting married last year I’ve acquired 3 grandsons, so would love to take them on an Easter egg hunt!

This prize would be so much fun to set up an egg hunt and the decorations are so beautiful! I’d love to set up something similar with these decorations around the harbour for the little one and her daddy to do on Easter day x

I love Laura Ashley, but can rarely afford to shop there, so it would be so nice to win and treat myself to something special.

What a lovely idea. Shame I didn’t think of it when my kids were small. I’ll keep it in mind for future grand kids.

A big family get together, lots of time to eat, drink, laugh and catch up on all the news,

My Mum always made Easter special for us, it was a busy time of year on our farm as living on the Fens we were hard at work picking the daffodils for the markets . I would like to make it special for my family too.

My daughter has never been on an Easter egg hunt, I would love to set one up for her and her little friends

we love easter in our house and the laura ashley easter goodies would be just perfect to help us celebrate and have a really fun easter

What a gorgeous Easter Egg hunt, I would love to win some Easter goodies to create some amazing memories for my monkeys- they are three and seven so the perfect age for the magic of Easter and their new baby brother is due anytime soon so it would be lovely to do something especially for them when no doubt most people who visit will be focusing on the baby x

This is the first Easter that my girls would understand an egg hunt and these are the loveliest Easter bits I have come across. Perfect for my two little baby girls who are 32 months and 14 months x

I would love to win these adorable Easter egg hunt accessories to make for a really fun hunt for my small children and their friends on Easter morning.

I’m doing an Easter egg hunt for my children in and around our garden so this prizse would make it even more special.

What beautiful products, I’d love to win to try something similar with my little boy, Eli

Love decorating the house for easter and doing easter egg hunts so this prize would be amazing!

Would be fab to win & treat our DD. Winning this would make her Easter really special.

I’d love to win as it will be my grandsons first Easter egg hunt this year and these would be great for it

beautiful photos, even though i don’t have little ones Easter is still a special time with lovely chocolate eggs & painting the boiled eggs still love to roll them down the bank such fun. would love win the prize be great to share it with my son & his wife.

There’s some gorgeous bedding for my daughters room that I’ve got my eye on so I would use the voucher towards that

Delightful images, just magical. Let’s keep the joy of Easter egg hunting alive! Thanks for the competition.

Looks like everything I’d need to have a traditional Easter . . perhaps just add some Hot X buns

I hope to win this for my beautiful mum who I don’t get to see very often because she lives abroad, I’m excited to see you this Easter Sunday mummy xxxxxx

I’ve never been on easter egg hunt and would love to have one for my niece and nephew as they always get very eggcited! And it would be lovely to see the smiles on their little faces and capture some great photos and memories to treasure

It would be lovely to win the prize and make Easter special for my little two year old granddaughter who loves bunnies and chicks and chocolate!

It’s really good to have a traditional Easter Egg Hunt, any child would love the Hunt that Ellie & Mia have enjoyed.

What gorgeous photos!

I would love to have family and friends, children adults alike round for an Easter egg hunt although these photographs are inspiring me to take to the woods!

It would be eggcellent to win as I love visiting my local store as the staff are so friendly and make me feel welcome, fingers crossed !!

I’d love to win because it all looks so adorably cute, esp the darling little bunny mug. awwww

Having a quiet Family Easter as my 2nd Grandson is due on 7th April so hoping that he’ll be here. A little brother for Grandson number 1 who is 3 so is excited about Easter and getting a baby brother.

Easter is such a lovely family time, and brings back beautiful childhood memories of egg hunts, I would like to spread the magic for my grandchildren. Happy hunting.

Can’t wait for Easter. Prettiest time of the year, flowers in the garden, grass growing and baby animals. Oh and lots of chocolate to share with the children, well some of it! Easter Bunny invites in the post. Hoppy Easter everyone. x

I would love to win this for my family to share in the Easter magic, I bought the hunt kit last year do would pass the winning pack to my cousin for her three children.

Planning Easter for my three boys, they are so excited and these gift would be perfect for them 🙂

My little girl loves egg hunts and I would love to see her face with all the pretty decorations around the garden.

I am meeting my seven month old grandson in April for the first time when he comes to the uk from nz! I want to spoil Aston and my two other grandchildren rotten!

I would love to win because it would truly bring a ray of sunshine to my family’s Easter and I want to make them smile!

We have a family dinner with easter gifts brought by the easter bunny followed by an Easter egg hunt where the children end up with a bucket each of chocolate eggs. Love to win for my children.

To make Easter special for my boys, these decorations are gorgeous. It’s also mine & my big boys birthday (he will be 7) around Easter so these will make our garden look pretty xx

Can’t wait for Easter,this is when our new Laura Ashley furniture will be delivered the money would help to pay for new bedding

We have just moved into a new home in the Devon countryside to find we have bunnies in the garden …what a magical.place to make an egg hunt

I would be delighted to win as this would help me so much with updating my bedroom & I need to buy Hetty Bunny just so cute!

Would love to decorate my home with Easter goodies from Laura Ashley to welcome the family round for an Easter roast dinner and lots of chocolate eggs 🙂

Oh we love Easter Egg hunts but have never done won as magical and pretty as this. Well done Gingerlillytea and Laura Ashley x

Would love to win, because I can’t always get my little army all the lovely things they want, but to be able to win these goodies would be amazing! I would love to see their wee faces light up! Thank-you for the chance! Good Luck All! xxx

I would love to win as my children just love our little egg hunts so it would me lovely to really make it look amazing too!

I would love to win and I would invite my girlie friends round for Easter themed Afternoon Tea!

We have just moved in to our new home with a lovely wooded garden. It would be ideal for an Easter egg hunt for my grandchildren twin grandsons and a 3 year old granddaughter Millie. Keeping my fingers crossed x

Winning this competition would be amazing because I will be celebrating Easter with my gorgeous grandchildren and enjoying my first Easter hunt with them.

I would love to win this giveaway so that I can re-create Keri-Anne’s lovely egg hunt!

My kids granny always does the Easter Egg Hunt in her garden for all her grandchildren. This prize would make it even more fun than usual.

Loved reading this post, it looks like it was so much fun, I do easter egg hunts for my children every year, would love to win to make it even more magical for them


I’m looking forward to bringing my baby home & spending quality time with my whole family having Easter egg hunts, doing a spot of Easter baking & crafts

I would love to win , because we will be moving from our village soon and it would be lovely to invite my daughters friends from the village around one last time for an Easter egg hunt before moving to our new home .

My mum used to do the best Easter egg hunts for me, so this would help me make the best Easter egg hunt for my boys x

We have our yearly Easter egg hunt without a doubt, it’s tradition for our family. It’s so exciting as we all get involved and make crafts for Easter. The children love painting pastel eggs and colouring shapes and patterns for Easter hats

my niece and nephew would love easter hunt in my garden while grown ups drink tea and eat hot cross buns and simmel cake

I love laura Ashley design in everything my house is known as laura Ashley’s would love to complete it with the laura Ashley easter package x x please please I would love to win x x

Would love to win for my Grandkids easpecially the Bunny which my Granddaughter would adore.

I would really love to win this for my children as I know they would have so much fun 🙂

I would love to win because my niece has just turned four and this would be such a lovely treat for her.

Chocoholic Family comes to mind.My grandchildren love Easter,They have egg hunts which we find great fun.

Love Easter, to me it’s all about new beginnings! Looking forward to lunch at my sisters! xx

My daughter was only complaining yesterday that we had never had a proper Easter egg hunt. I could create a fantastic one with this prize.

Hi, we would love to win the prize to share with friends. We have always had our own special memories of each easter, they become more important with each passing year. We always plan easter gatherings with friends too, so we can spread the happiness. Lots of tea, cakes, friends and the pretty colours of laura Ashley’s easter equals perfect afternoon. Love the the fresh colours.

These lovely goodies would add the perfect finishing touch to our Easter celebrations. #ilovelauraashley

I love seeing the innocence and Magic in my son finding eggs the Easter Bunny has bought…memories to cherish.

Because I would love to do an easter egg hunt with my little girls. They are just at an age where they would really enjoy this.

I got my first Laura Ashley book when I was twelve and now at 42, I’m still styling my homes with these products. Love this company!

My grandsons are in Canada , so no Easter egg hunts for us but I will be sending them a bunch of goodies! Hope Customs don’t have a sweet tooth!

I’ve got three little granddaughters who are getting excited about Easter – but it’s a festival I’ve never really bothered with, so I’ve not got anything to make it special for them. This would really help me out!

We have an Easter egg hunt every year and it would be lovely to have some Laura Ashley goodies to make it extra special.

I think I might ask each of my two children to set an Easter Egg Hunt up for the other.

My children are getting older now with the youngest at 9 years. They still love an Easter Egg hunt when we return from the Sunday Mass but I struggle each year in planning something different to keep the excitement going. This prize would be ideal to suprise them with.

Easter is a very special time of year, the house is always filled with the family, so to win some Laura Ashley goodies would be the icing on the cake.

It would add that extra special touch to easter and my grand children would love it.

Great selection of goodies to cheer our new house for its first visitors at Easter. New beginnings!

I would love to win because for Easter, only the best will do for my little family, soon to be a little bigger! Thanks for a gorgeous giveaway xx

I really hope it’s sunny – got so many garden based activities planned. And we’ve indulged in an Easter tree this year – can’t wait to put it up and decorate!

I would love to start such a lovely tradition with my daughter! We love Egg hunts and everything about woods, so this sounds really perfect!!

I’m planning my little one’s first ever Easter Egg hunt this year and this prize would turn it from a-little-too-shabby-chic to fabby shabby chic!

Someone close to me is in need of cheering up and this would be a perfect treat to arrange such a pretty Easter hunt.
Whoever wins it will be very fortunate. Delightful gifts!

would love to win for my wee Granddaughter because this is her first Easter & she would love the whole experience .

would love to win as never done an Easter Egg Hunt and sure little girl next door would love it

The products are absolutely beautiful and I would love to have them in my home this Easter, a lovely Easter tribute.

After of bad year of family troubles and illness, I would love to make Spring a special time of renew for my family. Winning this prize would help make it come true.

Love Easter, kids running around outside looking for the egg’s – Nice to see them start playing outside again after a wet Winter

Wow I would love to win this to do something amazing for my nieces as we don’t get to see them very often and we are seeing them at easter!

My niece and nephew would have such a magical time with these delightful Easter egg hunt goodies.

I have a little girl who is 2.5. We love to do crafty things together and she absolutely loves bunnies! She also loves running in the outdoors! So this prize would make our day! 🙂

I would love to win this for my son who has never done an easter egg hunt and he would love this!

I love Laura Ashley and would love to win and have a little shopping spree in there 🙂

This is a beautiful prize with some lovely items. My in laws have the most beautiful garden that reminds me of the one from the secret garden, full of gorgeous flowers, swing & a big apple tree. Our two children as all children would love a great easter egg hunt, we would use this in their garden for their 1st ever egg hunt 🙂

I would love to win these to organise an easter egg hunt for my four grandchildren and their friends. Feeling inspired.

My little girl has just come down with chickenpox and I suspect her brother will get it next, so we will be unable to go to the egg hunts and activities we had been invited to. If I won this prize it would make a small hunt for the two of them in the garden a lot more fun!

I’m organizing an Easter Hunt at my house for my children and their friends over Easter which is also mine and my son’s birthday weekend! We would love to win this.

I would have so much fun putting on an Easter egg hunt for my 2 girls, they would love it.

I would love to win, we are having a big family get together at Easter with lots of little ones whose faces would light up at these treats ! while the adults can get on with the grown up talk x

My girls & my nephew would adore this! They love hunting for eggs more then eating them

I like the Laura Ashley collection. The wallpaper to the bedding. so this would be a lovely treat to win.

There is nothing better than seeing smiling children’s faces on Easter day when they do their Easter hunt around the garden.x

I would love to win this prize because the pastel colours are beautiful and the bunnies are so so cute 🙂

I would love to add these lovely items to my childrens Easter Egg/Treasure Hunt 🙂 to make it extra special x

This would would make ourEaster Egg hunt extra special, lovely items any child would love

Why if I was lucky enough, to win this Easter competition, I would jump for joy, just like the Easter Bunny 😀 I may even feel like hopping ans skipping , to my nearest Laura Ashley store, to give my home a little treat, by buying something adorable, from your home range 😀

We make a small “Easter Tree” on Easter Saturday, on Easter Sunday we have an Easter Egg hunt in our garden followed by a family lunch then on Easter Monday the family visit a nearby National Trust property for an Easter Egg hunt in the morning, lunch then an afternoon of the craft activities provided. Easter is a tradition our whole family love.

this would be sucha lovely treat for my daughter to share with her friends – and us if we are lucky!

After all the Easter presents my parents bought for me, maybe it’s my turn to get the treats in this year?

Fantastic opportunity and keeps the Easter bunny alive…wheres Alice , the mad hatter and loads of fun

I would love to win as I plan on creating a easter egg hunt for my 2 children and some of their friends this easter and these goodies would make it even more magical! x

Definitely hoping to do a mini Easter hunt and also to see family – these are lovely ideas and really enjoyed the blog. My kids are now 3 and 6 so they will enjoy something like this.

I would love to win because i never get treated at easter hahaha but would share with my son 🙂

I’d love to make Easter really magical for our 3 little ones (eldest just turned 4 and youngest is 1) x

The pictures are really beautiful. My own daughters will be celebrating their birthdays over the Easter weekend, and these goodies would make it extra special.

because my adorable greatgrandson is 2 this Easter and is so full of fun – we could have hours of fun with his Mum and grandmum.

A traditional Easter egg hunt. My youngest child is 12 now, but he still loves going to look for eggs in the garden .

Love the photos! Would like to win some Easter goodies to make great nieces and nephews happy and excited this year.

Because I have 4 children who would be over the moon with this, everything looks magical and pretty.

Some lovely and unique items, it would be great to win and organise an Easter egg hunt throughout the local woods.

this is my first time helping my fiend who is nanny and doing easter egg hunt for her little group of nannies so would love to win it to bring something amazing to this hunt

I would love to win this prize for my nearly 3 year old son. We will be doing his first Easter egg hunt this year.

I have two very mischievous beautiful girls who would love nothing more than An easter egg hunt like this. If we had this we could be able to do it with their little friends Also. Xxx

i have made felt carrots and filled them with little eggs, tied with a green bow, they look very good

I’d love to win because we’ve got several family birthdays over Easter so this would make it an even more special occasion

this would be nice has i normally hide he eggs , but to brighten up the garden would be a delight for the grandchildren

with my 5 year old daughters birthday being just 4 days after Christmas we try to make any other event in the year as special as we can. something to really look forward to. I know she would be super excited to wake up Easter Sunday to this magical event. I would too xx

I am doing my first easter egg hunt with my little granddaughter and her great granddad who has never been on an eater egg hunt so the easter goodies would make it extra special for a 3 year old and an 83 year old!!

I’d love to win as this is my first Easter as a Mum and it would be great to celebrate!

I’d love to win this just because it looks awesome and I love to spoil my littlies 😀

I love rabbits so Easter is my favourite time of year. My little girl would love some of the items too.

It would make my little granddaughters first Easter brilliant and my grandchildren always have an Easter egg hunt 🙂

Laura Ashley is my absolute favourite! My children would love all these beautiful Easter goodies.

I have 2 little girls that love Easter, especially when their cousins come round and we have an Easter Egg hunt. This prize would make the Easter Hunt Eggstra Special x

Caitlin and Ieuan would love an Easter egg hunt in the woods (and so would I). We love Laura Ashley here in Wales of course and share your passion for making an occasion special and looking beautiful.

I would like to win for the sheer nostalgia and fun the prize evokes. I also know a couple of little monkeys who would love it.

I still get childlike pleasure from Easter and all the activities. I ALWAYS organise an egg hunt. Great fun! This prize would be amazing. Thanks for offering such a lovely gift.

My family love celebrating Easter especially egg-hunting! so this would be lovely for us to do

We are going to an easter egg hunt as my daughter’s pre-school. Would be lovely to have a little family easter egg hunt too. I love these cute little signs!

What better way to celebrate Easter than with a traditional Easter Egg hunt!!! My little boy would love the exploring and excitement of this fun treasure hunt x

I would love to win for my 10 year old son and my 4 year old daughter. I have just gone through a difficult pregnancy followed by my newborn being in and out of hospital since she was born. my two kiddies have been so patient and understanding and I would love to orgaanise a fantastic Easter treat for them.

awesome i cant express how much i would love to win because i would sound like a creep 😛

I would love to win, the chance to make a lovely Easter decorated home would be fab.

I would love to win to see my son’s eyes light up as he finds them hidden around the place. Your easter gifts are also classier than most .

Would be great for entertaining my kids as sons birthday at easter so always special time

We recently moved to a house with a garden, it would be fabulous to have a proper Easter Egg Hunt! We would be all hopping about with joy! Yes please. Thank you x

We always have an Easter Egg hunt were the whole family get involved< winning this would make for an extra special Easter

As it is unlikely that I will be unable to spend Easter with my two grand daughters this year , it would be amazing to send them the goodies and enjoy the photos which could be sent to me . I know that they have an egg hunt in the village , the goodies could go towards that event .

Loved Laura ashley as a girl, then as a mum and now as a nan would lve this to make Easter Special

My children and grandchildren are too old now for easter egg hunts but I am lucky enough to have been invited to my great niece and nephews egg hunt in their local woods. I am so excited! This prize would be lovely to win so that I could organise a little egg hunt of my own for a couple of the neighbours little ones.

All these pics are glorious. I love the girls clothes and the set up. My daughter loves easter egg hunts 🙂

The Easter Egg Hunt goodies would be great for my sis to use with her primary school class

I would love to win because 3 years ago on Easter Sunday I lost my baby brother after a long battle with illness aged just 19. Would be lovely to use this in an easter egg hunt in his memory with my 4 year old twins xx

How absolutely lovely. My daughter and family are having their last Easter in the UK for a few years as their Dad is returning to Germany with the Army. An Egg Hunt for them would be a lovely touch xx

i love bringing the magic of easter alive and watching the grandchildren have great fun full of laughter and enthusiasm

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