A DIY Christmas Advent Calendar

Make your very own advent calendar this Christmas with these easy steps... read more

As it’s is nearly December we thought it is about time to start preparing for Christmas. And what better way to start than with the lovely Amanda from Amanda Russell Design, who has made her very own advent calendar, so let’s take a look and see how it’s done.

We all love the Christmas buildup, get the countdown to the great day started with a little help from this fab advent calendar project. For stocking gifts, gather together little trinkets and mottoes or write treasure hunt clues on folded paper scraps. The numbered advent pegs are a really useful addition when you have taken down the stockings remove the peg and use the stocking again to hang gifts from your Christmas tree.

Amanda Replacement

DIY Christmas Advent Calendar

You will need

Checked ribbon
Red fabric for stockings
Checked fabric for front and back
Green fabric for tree
Water erasable pen
Small Saw
Fusible webbing
Fusible wadding
Wooden batten 9mm x 18mm
Numbered advent pegs
24 red buttons
Pencil and paper


1. Draw up stocking template on paper, cut out. Fold stocking fabric in half, pin on the stocking template and cut out 24 pairs of stocking shapes. Fold the top edge of the first stocking over by 0.5cm, then fold again by 0.5cm and sew down. Repeat with all pairs of stockings.

Amanda Replacement Amanda Replacement 2. Cut a length of ribbon 8cm long. Fold in half and with the loop facing in sew raw edges to the side of the stocking. Repeat with all pairs of stockings.

Amanda Replacement 3. Take both stocking pieces and with right sides facing, pin and sew around the side with a 0.5cm seam allowance. Repeat with all pairs of stockings.

Amanda Replacement 4. Clip notches in the curved stocking seam, then turn right sides out. Repeat with remaining pairs of stockings.

Amanda Replacement 5. To make the tree cut out a triangle from the green fabric, height 86cm with the base measuring 64cm. Tip, fold the fabric in half, measure and mark 86cm at both ends of the fold with the water erasable pen. For the baseline measure out 32cm from one of the height marks on the fold, draw the baseline with the pen. To get the side of the triangle joining the top height mark to the base mark. Cut along base and sidelines, open out for triangular tree shape. Iron fusible webbing to the reverse.

Amanda Replacement 6. For the front and back of the hanging cut out two pieces of check fabric 100cm x 70cm. To make the front of the hanging peel the paper backing from the reverse of the green triangle.

Amanda Replacement 7. Place the green triangle in the centre of one piece of check fabric, iron to bond. Sew close edge to edge around the green triangle.

Amanda Replacement 8. Cut a piece of fusible wadding 100cm X 70cm, place on the reverse side of the tree fabric and iron to bond. Right sides facing place the two pieces of checked fabric together then pin and sew with a 1cm seam allowance around the edge. On one side leave an opening of 4cm at the top and bottom and an opening of 12cm in the middle.

Amanda Replacement 9. Clip the corners and trim the seams, then turn right sides out through the large opening in the side seam, sew the opening closed.

Amanda Replacement 10. Use a saw to cut two battens 65cm long.

Amanda Replacement 11. To form the pockets for the battens make a line of sewing along the shorter edges 4cm from the top and bottom.

Amanda Replacement 12. Push in the battens and sew closed with a needle and thread.

Amanda Replacement 13. Sew buttons onto the tree shape to hang the stockings from. For hanging the calendar on the reverse of the hanging sew a loop of ribbon at both ends of the top edge.

Amanda Replacement 14. Fill the stockings with small gifts and mottoes then peg a number onto each one. And there you have it.

Amanda Replacement

Have you made your own advent calendar this season? Let us know how you did it below or @LauraAshleyUK.

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