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We’re back again with an exciting new project from our incredibly talented Laura Ashley Design Service team. This time Interior Designer Lynsey shows us how she created the perfect drawing room and bedroom for her clients and we think you’ll agree the rooms look amazing…

As designers for the Laura Ashley Design Service we get to see some amazing period properties, and this old rectory is certainly one of them. From my initial phone consultation with Jon and Jo, I was excited to be involved with the project, and when I arrived at the property I was instantly inspired by the beautiful architectural features and countryside surroundings.

The Drawing Room

The Brief- To create a formal room which would double up as a second space for cosy evenings in front of the television, without making this the main focus. To maximise the natural light and provide enough seating for the whole family, styling to complement the period of the property with a more modern feel. Adding storage was essential without compromising on style, and low level lighting to create ambience in the space.

Laura Ashley Design Service The drawing room was a blank canvas so it allowed for me to have a lot of creative input. I started by working with Jon and Jo on the layout of the room and how we could make it flow, concentrating on adding enough seating, yet keeping the room feeling spacious.

Laura Ashley Design Service Once we had decided on the arrangement, we explored several colour schemes and decided on a Duck egg and Sable scheme with accents of the Marine blue to give depth to the room.

Jon discussed with me his plans for the fireplace to include some storage and for this to be a key feature in the room, so we decided to pick it out in a striking blue which I knew would work really well with the limestone fire surround, and balance beautifully with the neutral wallpaper.

Laura Ashley Design Service Tip- Using a wallpaper like the Lille Stripe Sable is great to draw the eye up and heighten the room, and the iridescent sheen softly bounces the light around and gives a formal feel to the space.

Laura Ashley Design Service Laura Ashley Design Service The combination of two button back Hudson sofas opposite one another gives a sense of symmetry which is broken up by the different fabrics, contrasting with the Kingston sofa in the Luxford Stripe Duck Egg. Along with the Balmoral cabinet furniture, the combination of opulent textures and patterns on the soft furnishings gives a formality to the room and a sense of luxury.

Laura Ashley Design Service As there is no ceiling light, the lighting needed to be practical, but at the same time I wanted this to be a flexible feature in the room- to be able to highlight different features or areas of the space. The addition of the Abinger tripod floor lamp allows for a perfect spot for reading, whilst the table lamps give a low level glow which create a cosy atmosphere when the wall lights aren’t needed.

“We wanted a light, bright room that was not only functional but also made the most of so much natural daylight. It was so dark and gloomy before, it’s a joy now to sit and relax in such wonderful surroundings.”

The Master Bedroom

The Brief- To create a luxurious space working with the existing carpet, and to open up the small window in order to balance the room.

Laura Ashley Design Service Again this space was a blank canvas other than the existing carpet, which I really wanted to make a feature in the scheme. This deep purple has a regal feel and I knew that pairing it with soft gold tones and layering the textures would balance the room perfectly.

Laura Ashley Design Service When I first saw this room on my consultation with Jon and Jo, the window was dressed with curtains inside the recess which blocked the natural light. I discussed the idea of having a full length single curtain to open up the window, and this has worked effectively in maximising the natural light and brightening the space.

Laura Ashley Design Service In order to get the boutique hotel style that Jon and Jo wanted, I was mindful in choosing the soft furnishings in plush fabrics and textures. The Clarence headboard in the Caitlyn Grape mirrors the look of the carpet which ties it into the scheme, giving the feel that it was chosen for the room, rather than looking like the room has been designed around it.

Laura Ashley Design Service Tip- Tall bedside lamps help to draw the eye up and balance well with the proportions of the Clarence headboard. I used the Winston bases here with our Grape drum shades which have a pearlised inner to give a warm glow, perfect for a bedroom setting.

Our new bedroom fitted the brief perfectly. We wanted a ‘boutique hotel’ style room and that’s exactly how it has turned out. No need to go away now, it’s like being on holiday all the time!”

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whats the name of the curtain fabric and wall paper in the bedroom also what wall paint was used?

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