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June is such a fabulous time for flowers. Beautiful Lisianthus, gorgeous Stock, sumptuous Sunflowers, the list is endless. Today, our Wild At Heart floral masterclass is going to mix three monochromatic flowers to create a beautiful summer arrangement.

I love creating mixed floral centrepieces with varying sized glasses, it’s really very easy. This assorted selection of peonies, dahlias and roses work really well together. Peonies really are the standout flower of this arrangement. A truly breathtaking flower, peonies make this arrangement a real statement piece, and you don’t need masses of them to make an impact.

Mixing my favourite flower, roses with huge blousy peonies, and a selection of Dahlia’s really creates a complex, beautiful display. If you are looking to get more for your money, this collection of flowers is also a great way to create an arrangement with the wow factor on a relatively low budget.

Step 1 – select a range of handheld vessels at varying heights. Lots of different sizes will create a beautiful centrepiece with added depth.

wild at heart 2 wild at heart 3

Step 2 – Select a range of monochromatic flowers for the display, to create a strong, vibrant and vivid look.

wild at heart 4

Step 3 – Separate each flower, and pair the roses, peonies and dahlias into groups. Trim and condition each of the flowers before you begin arranging.

wild at heart 5

Step 4 – Begin to tie the flowers into neat little collections, ready to be placed in vases.

wild at heart 6

Step 5 – At this point you should have a selection of flowers tied and ready. When you begin to arrange the centrepiece, alternate between a mixture of tied and single stems to keep the centrepiece varied.

wild at heart 7

Step 6 – Start to place the flowers into the vases. Try and mix up your arrangements to create a truly quirky feel.

wild at heart 9

Step 7 – Eventually you will have a beautiful mixed centrepiece! Stunning.

wild at heart 10

Step 8 – The great thing about these floral displays is you can mix up the arrangement and recreate your centre pieces! The below line up is a great example of how this collection of flowers can work on a long table. In the evening, always finish off the flowers with a selection of tea lights and storm lanterns for a truly eye catching display.

wild at heart 11

From the wonderful Nikki Tibbles and team at Wild At Heart


Peonies have quickly become every fashionista’s choice….but they are so lovely.
I love creating these type of arrangements….it also works well with lots of different ‘wild’ flowers to create a real country garden feel. x

Really beautiful and very English! For an added striking effect, wind tendrils of ivy around the glasses linking one to another. This is particlarly effective on a linen cloth.

I keep trying to find your cotton floral materials. Each time I end up seeing flower arrangements

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