The Print With A Past: Cottage Sprig

Join us as we learn a little bit about our beloved print, Cottage Sprig... read more

Who remembers our beloved Cottage Sprig? An old classic, we feel all nostalgic looking at these pictures! Catching up with our archivist Holly, she gives us a little bit of information behind the iconic print…


cottage sprig cottage sprig 2

Images from our 1985 catalogue 


Holly tells us…


“Cottage Sprig was launched in 1981 and has remained a classic Laura Ashley design ever since. It has appeared on wallpaper, wall tiles, tea sets, stationary and even a doll! Cottage Sprig has been recoloured at least six times, ranging from poppy to china blue to rose! It is believed to have been first found in an old children’s book, Cox and Box. The design was found and redrawn by Brian Jones, who worked for Laura Ashley from 1972 for 26 years.”



The original inspiration for Cottage Sprig: Cox and Box


cottage sprig 5

Patchwork quilt featuring Cottage Sprig


Perfect for all seasons, our Cottage Sprig print is simple and versatile and creates a homely atmosphere in almost any room. Recently popular with children’s rooms, this cute pattern makes an ideal statement wall in a young ladies room, or to line stationary drawers! We even found an old blue print on our Social Media Assistant’s kitchen wall, how lovely does it look? Especially when paired with this vintage china…




Fancy getting your hands on some Cottage Sprig? These pretty pieces are currently NEW and now available on the site. Throw this fleece on the end of a kids bed for a extra cosy layer for when the nights get cooler, or display all your favourite jewellery in this spacious pretty jewellery box…



Cottage Sprig Wallpaper / Fabric / Fleece Blanket / Jewellery Box


We would love to see some snaps of your Cottage Sprig print, whether it be on your wall or just on a small accessory in the home, do share! What other print would you like to learn about?


Had it in my kitchen, think it was a dark red/sage green colourway. In fact, I’m nearly sure there is a wallpaper remnant still in my loft.

I worked for Laura Ashley from 1987 to 1996, I get very nostalgic seeing all the old Laura Ashley prints. I still have a lot of L A from this era around my house even now . It was the best time ! Please being back more cowslip colour ( yellow) I am desperate to replace my Isabelle cowslip curtains but cannot find anything I like as much. ( my curtains are 20 years old!)

I live in Sydney and would love to buy, from anywhere, some yellow cottage sprig wallpaper and/or fabric, enough to do a hallway. Can anyone help?

If Mary still has that remnant in her loft, could she get in touch please! I am just decorating my little bedroom with three rolls I had from the 80s and need another roll! I love the vintage Laura Ashley. Thank you

Dear Sir or Madam, Where oh where could I buy ca. 10 meters of ‘Cottage Sprig’ (rose), for my kitchen windows curtains, mine are terribly worn out after 25 years service. Kind regards

Hello Holly. I have a sofa in the vintage Country Roses pattern that needs to be reupholstered. Would you be able to help me locate this? Thank you very much!

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