A Victorian Style Take On A Modern Day Bathroom

Take a look at this stunning traditional yet contemporary bathroom makeover for some major interior inspiration... read more

The gorgeous Ellie from Everything Ellie is here to show you how to add a traditional twist to your modern interiors with her Victorian-inspired bathroom makeover.

When I started planning the renovation of the bathroom I knew exactly how I wanted the finished room to look and feel. I wanted it to feel like a bright relaxing sanctuary which complements the Victorian age of my house and add a touch of the Danish art of hygge. I was on the hunt for elegant bathroom accessories that were timeless and not too glitzy glam. As my bathroom isn’t completely tiled, there’s lots of wall space to dress. I think this was the trickiest task in terms of styling the room as I didn’t want the walls to look cluttered. I chose tongue and groove panelling to help the room feel wide but at the same time, the space above the tongue and groove felt unfinished. The sun sets in the evening through the big window and this gorgeous ‘early evening’ framed print seems to have been designed just for my bathroom. The dusky, muted tones complement the décor perfectly.

Ellie Bathroom Makeover One of the hardest things about the bathroom finish was storage options. We do have a lovely big airing cupboard in the bathroom but I wanted a place to keep all my favourite products in easy reach. I find bathroom storage can sometimes be a bit uninspiring and quite modern; I don’t have a lot of floor space for anything freestanding. These gorgeous Kubu toiletry baskets were the perfect size to hide under my DIY antique free-standing basin unit. There’s something rather spa-like about natural materials in the bathroom and these baskets are so gorgeous and tuck neatly out of the way when not in use. We have one each… his and hers.

Ellie Bathroom Makeover Having a fancy new bathroom, how could I not replace my shabby off-white towels, for some gorgeous fluffy new ones. The Josette design towels add a splash of understated elegance to the room (excuse the pun), just enough to feel fabulous. They blend in so well with the warm grey panelling and are a gorgeous contrast against the white bath and radiator. I love them so much I need to remind myself they are not an ornament… I just hope they don’t lose their fluffy gorgeousness!

Ellie Bathroom Makeover To keep with the Victorian feel of the house we chose all antique brass hardware for the new bathroom. So, I was on the hunt for some brass accessories but with a contemporary twist. This hexagonal tea light holder is just that. There is nothing nicer than lighting all the candles and dipping into the bubbliest bath on a frosty evening.

Ellie Bathroom Makeover This little gold feather trinket dish is a pretty place to keep my jewellery whilst getting myself ready. I always try and take my wedding rings off before using products or getting in the bath or shower so not to tarnish the metal. This dish keeps my jewellery safe and is the perfect size to sit on my antique basin unit and keeps with the brass theme… isn’t it sweet?

Ellie Bathroom Makeover I had planned every inch of this room to get the most out of the layout and storage space. My vision of the bathroom was to feel zen from the moment I stepped foot into the room. The little ‘drunk octopus wants to fight you’ hook on the back of the bathroom door is home to the most luxuriously soft grey dressing gown ready to swaddle me up. The only problem is we only have one so I find myself having to fight my Husband away from it!

Ellie Bathroom Makeover How gorgeous is Ellie’s bathroom? Don’t forget to follow her on Instagram and let us know how you highlight the characteristics of your home below or @LauraAshleyUK


wonderful just what I want but the same question is what colour did you use for the tonue and groove couldnt see a anwser

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