Print With a Past: Wisteria

Let’s delve into the archive to learn more about our beautiful Wisteria print… read more

The Wisteria print is one our most loved as it adds a nice cosiness to any home it sits within thanks to the beautiful flowers that feature across the print. Available in Cranberry, Duck Egg and Camomile shades there’s never been a better time to share a little piece of history about it and delve into the Laura Ashley archive…

Our archivist Imogen tells us that Wisteria is an archive print, taken from a 19th century French gouache painting, bought in 1997 by the design director Mark Winstanley. It is from the 1800s, and is hand painted in gouache. It’s such a charming print and a beautiful choice for any room so why not add it to your home?

Wisteria9 Wisteria Cranberry

Cranberry always makes us think of warm, autumnal shades so these cranberry pieces will be perfect for any of you who want a country inspired home. Pair with another autumnal shade such as Hedgerow to tie this look altogether and make it work beautifully in the downstairs rooms of your home.

Wisteria2 Wisteria1 Wisteria3 Wisteria Duck Egg

The print is given a fresh update with this stunning duck egg colour way. Duck egg is a shade really having a moment right now as it makes interiors look cool and modern without taking away any warmth. Launched as part of our Ambleside duck egg range the print features on bedding, curtains, wallpaper and soft furnishings so if you love this print as much as we do why not add everything to your home?

Wisteria7 Wisteria5 Wisteria Camomile

Yellows just remind us of Spring and given that the season is only a matter of weeks away get a head start on your interiors by adding a gorgeous floral flourish with this Wisteria Camomile bedding. Sleep tight!

Wisteria8 Do you have any Wisteria items in your home? Let us know below or on Twitter @LauraAshleyUK


Thank you for the history on Wisteria, love the colour choices and I will consider
Choosing the wallpaper for my bedroom.

I still have Wisteria in one of the original colour ways of green and cream chintz. I made tab top curtains with it and they still look fantastic 20 years on and are in my guest bedroom.

I have metres and metres of Wisteria chintz in a beautiful blue colourway, never made up (fabric stash shame). What was the name of this colourway?

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