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Get an up-close look at one of Laura Ashley’s wedding dresses from her 1996 Collection… read more

The quintessential British bride remains a cornerstone to our Laura Ashley heritage. Just look at the extravagant white cotton wedding gown modelled by Kate Moss in 1991 for Brides Magazine, or the elaborately printed gowns featured in our 2015 International Bridal collection. So when we recently unearthed this 1996 bridal look from our archive, we thought it was the perfect excuse to relaunch the Laura Ashley archive online.

The Bride Wore Laura Ashley | Laura Ashley Blog

Kate Moss image by @JadeBeerBrides


Hidden in a large pile of fashion sketches is this beautiful drawing. Named Sarah and part of the 1996 Laura Ashley bridal collection, the look is made up of a tailored jacket and a double strap three-quarter length dress. A very different kind of drawing to the more technical 70s/80s illustrations we have here in the archive and interestingly the only design with a separate jacket out of all 34 looks.

The Bride Wore Laura Ashley | Laura Ashley Blog The Bride Wore Laura Ashley | Laura Ashley Blog

With a name like “Sarah”, it was easy to also find the garment itself and accompanying catalogue photography.

 The Bride Wore Laura Ashley | Laura Ashley Blog

Now that all three pieces are together, it is easy to see some of the finer details behind the collection such as this gorgeous ivory silk dupion. Used in both the jacket and dress, this particular type of silk has an irresistible tactile quality to it and gives off that sense of luxury. What other fabric could match the impressive country house setting and 19th century tapestry (also here in the archive) which frame the catalogue model? Also when viewing the silk jacket up close you can’t help but be drawn to the delicate trailing floral embroidery along the neckline, a detail accentuated in the pencil sketch and close photographic shot.

The Bride Wore Laura Ashley | Laura Ashley Blog
The Bride Wore Laura Ashley | Laura Ashley Blog

Laura Ashley x Pronuptia

This wedding look is one of many that document our strong partnership with the Parisian bridal brand Pronuptia throughout the 1990s. Founded in 1958 and specialising in ready-to-wear and couture wedding gowns, Pronuptia had collaborated with such designers as Jean Paul Gautier and Christian Lacroix by the mid-1990s. You could say they were a real tour de force in the wedding market by the time of this collection catering for a wide variety of tastes. Look at this Fontana lace bride gown from their 96/97 élégance catalogue for example – a very different style compared to this Sarah jacket and dress. Seen in this way, the look has an inherent Britishness and reserved elegance to it which was such a huge part of the Laura Ashley appeal.

The Bride Wore Laura Ashley | Laura Ashley Blog

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Archived away

Being stored away for 23 years deep in our Welsh archive has meant this bridal look remains in pristine condition. However, one difficulty with storing silk dupion is keeping it crease free. As you can see at the waist and padded shoulders a few creases have set into the material and whilst it is recommended to store garments flat, in this instance, it has meant the heavier weight of the silk has collapsed some of its shaping. With that said, the pieces are still just as beautiful as they were in 1996 and ultimately this is all “part of its inherent beauty and character” so aptly put on the swing tag label.

The Bride Wore Laura Ashley | Laura Ashley Blog The Bride Wore Laura Ashley | Laura Ashley Blog

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I wore a Laura Ashley bridal gown and my bridesmaids wore black velvet and laces Laura Ashley dresses too in 1983. Still have my dress.

Having just read the patchwork archive, I also used the patchwork pieces to make a double size quilt while at University in the late. 1970

Has LA thought of making wedding dresses again? I think there is a market for the type of dress Kate Moss is modelling, gowns made of natural materials a more natural, thoughtful, ecological bride.

I wore a Laura Ashley heavy cotton bridal gown and my bridesmaids wore burgundy satin LA dresses bought in Dublin in 1981. I still have my dress

I wore a Laura Ashley cotton bridal gown and my bridesmaids burgundy satin L A dresses bought in the Dublin store in1981. I still have my dress.

I wish you would make wedding dresses again. I would love a cotton wedding dress in acountry style. No one has ever made wedding dresses like Laura Ashley. There is a market for this. It would make a change from over glitzy fitted creations that you seem to see everywhere at silly prices. Come on Laura Ashley, get designing!

I wore a Laura Ashley off-white dress for my wedding in 1974. I’m not sure that it was sold as a wedding dress as my bridesmaid (my sister) also wore a purple floral dress from the same collection. Looking at dates in the Laura Ashley story, I was one of the early Australian brides to a cotton wedding dress. It was unusual at the time, but perfect for our very small wedding. I’ll look for a photo to post on your Facebook page.

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