September 1st 2014
Teen hero


Design the perfect bedroom for your teen with ease using our top tips..

Transforming your little boy’s bedroom into a teenage hideaway can be tricky business. A space of their own to relax and sleep, to entertain friends and study hard – choosing a decor style that you both agree on can be a difficult process, but one that can be achieved. With a helping hand from our interior designer Georgina, lets take a peek at what you should consider when decorating your teen’s bedroom….




Teenagers’ bedrooms are often the most challenging in the house. They can be very particular about what they want, but quietly we know that they are developing all the time so black walls and ceilings may be a passing fad ! I think it’s really important to reflect your teen’s personality in the room without going for anything that feels too permanent, so it is a great opportunity to be eclectic in your designs and be a bit more daring.


- Make sure to involve your teen in every step of the design process, that way you can create a cool interior style that you can both agree on.


- My top tip would be to invest in good quality furniture, that way it will stand the test of time and can be used in the future when they have flown the family nest. Paint, wallpaper and decorative accessories are all inexpensive in the grand scheme of things, so go to town with these items instead to add style and flare.




- Think about what the room is likely to be used for in the future. A guest bedroom or an office? If an office, consider a day bed which can be used for either occasion. If a guest room, choose a king sized bed and headboard.


-Wallpaper can be inexpensively changed, so choose one wall (usually the headboard wall) to paper in a fun print. Pick out two or three colours from the wallpaper to use in your accessories and keep the other walls neutral.


- Try and divide the room into two areas, so they have a separate space to study and sleep.




- In the study area you can put your creativity to the test, by making a feature above the desk. Install shelves which can house their favourite personal belongs, an upholstered pin board and a fun coloured lamp like the Portland Bedside Lamp.


- When dressing the bed, it is a perfect opportunity to mix different patterns, textures and tones to create a fun inviting space. Mix geometric prints and stripes, with blocks of colour.


- Storage is really important. Try and de-clutter, and make a charity box with all the old toys and books. Then organise the essentials into storage boxes. Vintage trunks look great stacked in the corner of the room or the Milton Storage Units hide away a multitude of sins.


What are your top tips for decorating a teen’s bedroom? We love the nod to the nautical in our Salcome range and our chalkboard paint calls for a creative touch…


Browse our kid’s range of decor here.


August 19th 2014


Keep the spirit of summer alive with Emily’s surprise indoor picnic…

Come rain or shine, August for us is the month of picnics galore. There is nothing quite like sitting down with family and friends to a delicious spread of home made sarnies, cakes and nibbles in the great outdoors. Alas, faced with the unpredictable Blighty weather, blogger Emily (Makelight) took matters into her own hands and created the perfect indoor picnic with her children, sharing with us her snaps and ideas, let’s tuck in to her scrummy feast…


LauraAshleyPicnic 12


The school Summer holidays are whizzing by and although we have been blessed with so many beautiful days full of sunshine this week has been a little unpredictable. My plans for a fun afternoon picnic in our new garden weren’t looking good to I had another idea instead…



Kubu Picnic Hamper / Sophie Check Blanket / Vintage Bottle Caddy 


While the children were eating their dinner I sneaked upstairs and created a little indoor garden with faux flowers, fairy lights and paper decorations. I laid out a mini picnic with this adorable Kubu picnic hamper and soft, cosy check blanket. The pretty plates, cups and napkins provided a perfect summery feel and the vintage style bottle caddy was perfect for filling with summer drinks and more flowers. I added some of our favourite biscuits with mini cakes and called the children upstairs. They were so excited to find the surprise picnic in my daughter’s bedroom. “Wow our very own surprise party!”


LauraAshleyPicnic 21 EQ 3 EQ11

Mayflower Paper Plates / May Flower Paper Cups / May Flower Napkins


EQ 7 EQ 6

May Flower Storage Tubs


The children and I all really love these gorgeous flower storage tubs.


LauraAshleyPicnic 30


The summer holidays can often feel like they are going to last forever and it can be hard to think of new and exciting things to do each day, especially if it starts raining. This surprise indoor picnic was easy to put together but made four children very happy and added some more happy memories to their summer!


EQ 4



What a wonderful way to keep the summer spirit alive in the miserable weather, who will be taking inspiration from Emily’s indoor picnic?

Don’t forget to bookmark Emily’s blog Makelight to keep up to date with her latest adventures.


Find all of Emily’s picnic pieces in-store now.

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August 12th 2014


We’re giving you the chance to design a new range of kids bedlinen…

School’s out! With the summer holidays in full swing, we thought it was about time we introduced a fun competition to celebrate! We’re giving the little ones the chance to create a range of kids bedlinen for us that could be sold on the Laura Ashley website, plus a £250 voucher to spend on anything you like in store.


You don’t have to be a graphic designer or artist, just be creative! What would your children like to see on their covers? What do you think would make them smile? What’s never been done before? Work with your kids and get them to create their very own favourite bedlinen set…



William Bedset


We’re looking for something different and creative but that ultimately fits in with the Laura Ashley brand. This is your chance to get creative with the kids during the holidays and really get your thinking cap on! Have you always wanted to try your hand at design? Do you think your kid is the next big designer in the making? Now’s the chance to show those skills!


We’re looking for two designs and will pick two winners – a range designed for ages 12 and under and another for ages 6 and under. Each should be designed by the children themselves – but of course can have a helping hand from mum or dad.



Weymouth Flag Bedset




All you need to do is download this PDF kids bedlinen outline and incorporate your child’s design into it, whether it be hand drawn, painted, or sketched. However you like! Then scan it in or snap a picture of it and send it to Please also sign the accompanied terms and include your contact details. Otherwise, you can send it to:


Laura Ashley

Social Media Department

Design Centre

27 Bagleys Lane




You will need to include your name, your child’s  name, and whether or not you are entering for the range 12 and under or 6 and under. You may also include any additional information about the design you deem appropriate.


We’re on the hunt for something fun and different – that children will love. Two winners will be chosen from a panel of expert judges and notified shortly after the closing date.



Songbird Bedset 


Terms and Conditions apply.


 Good luck!

August 6th 2014


An exciting and flavoursome project for the summer holidays, get the kids involved and grow your own!

Make the most of the great outdoors this summer and encourage your little ones to get in tune with their green natured side. A great way to keep kids entertained over the school break, growing herbs is both a fun and educational project for big kids and little kids alike. A wonderful way for children to learn about gardening and understand how plants are grown, herbs are a fantastic starting point as they are easy to grow with little care needed for them to flourish.



Chalkboard Paint 


Herbs have been used for thousands of years for added flavour in cooking, perfumes and even medicines. Creating your own little herb patch for your family is super simple and easy to maintain even for the busiest of families. Herbs especially, as the germination process only takes a matter of weeks, so they will quickly begin to sprout! Not only will it be a fun family project, but it also encourages little ones to care for their herbs, with regular watering and a little TLC.


How to get started.. 


Inspired to try something new and to add a burst of home grown flavour to our lunch-time salads, the team here at Laura Ashley H.Q set up their very own herb garden. Complete with our very own unique plant pots, we customised each pot with a fine coat of our excellent Chalkboard Paint and scribbled on which herb was which!




With most herbs originating from a mediterranean region, your herbs will prefer a sunny position in well drained soil.  You can grow your herbs in any container, raised flower bed or dedicated veggie patch. It doesn’t matter whether you have a generous size garden or an apartment balcony, as long as the herbs have a sunny positioning in a sheltered space, it will do!



Aviary Garden Tool Gift Set (Available in store) 


Next it’s time to choose your herbs, there are many to choose from including the very fragrant lemon balm and the flavoursome rosemary, or if you’re short of time cress germinates very quickly if you wanted a faster turn around. We chose the herbs basil, parsley and coriander, a delicious garnish come dinner time…


- Basil: With a sweet, strong aroma and flavour, basil can be grown all year round on a sunny windowsill but flourishes best during July and August. The perfect accomplice to pizza or tomato soup, to keep basil fresh you can always pop into the freezer.


- Parsley: A biennial plant, make sure to soak the seeds in warm water before you sow and then when large enough plant out, they will keep growing until the beginning of Autumn. Rich in vitamin C, it enhances the flavour of foods especially when mixed with butter for baked potatoes.


- Coriander: Commonly chopped and added to curries, stews and salads, coriander needs plenty of sun to grow and with regular pinching of the leaves it will continue to flourish all summer.



Now it’s time we set to work sowing our herbs. With our plant pots at the ready, we placed a handful of fresh soil in the pots careful not to compress the soil. With a sprinkling our chosen seeds, topped with another fine layer of soil, give your plant pots a light misting of water and settle down in sunny spot. Making sure to water the plants every other day, it shouldn’t be long before you start to see the first green sprouts popping through! If the weather is as gloriously hot as it has been, be sure to snip off any browning leaves and keep them hydrated – but be careful not to drown the pots or the seeds will rot.




Then when your herbs are finally grown, let the little ones snip off their garnishes and bring them into the kitchen for a cookery lesson. There’s nothing better than the satisfaction of growing something from scratch and reaping the rewards, we think DIY pizza topped with a hint of basil for an alfresco dinner feast sounds like the perfect summertime treat!


We would love to know if your children love to get stuck in with the gardening, or are there any other activities that keep your little ones entertained? Let us know in the comments below.

July 25th 2014


We round up the best things to do during the school holidays…

School’s out! With the holidays underway, our thoughts turn to how to keep the kids entertained now that school has finished for summer. This week we’ve had a kids take over on the blog, and we saw how four mummy bloggers used our chalkboard paint in a creative way. But what about when you fancy taking the little ones out for the day? We round up our top things to see and do during the school break…


London Zoo





Immerse yourself in the world of wildlife with over 720 different species of animals at London Zoo! A great day out for the kids, there’s plenty to see and do that will keep all the family entertained for the day. The zoo is divided into many different sections so is easy to navigate. Visit the Gorillas in Gorilla Kingdom, or watch the Penguins get fed at the Penguin Beach! Even babies are welcome at the zoo, making it a worthwhile trip no matter the age. The nearest station is Camden Town, with London Zoo being a leisurely 15 minute walk away.  If you’re planning a trip, we recommend the Little Creature Family Festival between 29 – 31 August, with a weekend dedicated to Winnie the bear. Guests will enjoy a day out with a difference, with events and activities inspired by the famous children’s books.


Sensational Butterflies





An activity fit for a prince, Prince George visited Sensational Butterflies for his first birthday so why not follow suit? Definitely one to visit, the butterfly house returns for a sixth year this summer. Guests can come face-to-face with beautiful tropical butterflies originating from Africa, Southeast Asia and North and South America. An ideal day out for the little ones; visitors can take part in games and activities that teach you all about the wonderful world of butterflies. Located in the Natural History Museum, it’s a short walk from South Kensington station and is open until 14th September.


West End Theatre





One for the rainy days, various west end productions for children return from the 1st August – 31st which aims to encourage kids to get involved and interested in theatre from a early age. As a special offer, part of the month sees participating shows offer one child per adult go free, and up to two extra children can go half price. The shows you can see  include ‘The tiger who came to Tea’, ‘The Elephantom’, ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’. ‘Billy Elliot’, ‘War Horse’ and our favourite, ‘Matilda’. As well as just the play, there are loads of great activities the kids can get involved in. The event is taking part in many different theatres around London, visit the website for more info.


UK Beaches 





If the weather continues as it has been, why not visit some of the best beaches in the UK? Our pick of the bunch is Bournemouth Beach – a huge sandy beach that has a ‘Kidzone’ scheme, which introduces coloured wristbands co-ordinated with the coloured beach zones. Ideal for identifying the children for when they inevitably wander off! If more scenic beaches are your thing, try Durdle Door (pictured), which makes a great day out for kids and parents alike. Lets not forget Brighton, a quick 30 minute ride from London with plenty of shops, restaurants, as well as the famous harbour to keep you entertained!


Mysteries of the Unseen World 





The Science Museum’s IMAX 3D cinema opens its doors to kids this summer with a showing of Mysteries of the Unseen World. The film will take you on a amazing journey into the unseen world that exists beyond the capabilities of the human eye. Children will have the opportunity to see things too fast, too slow, or too small for everyday life, and will learn about how what we see is only a fraction of what exsists on Earth. Making this amazing cinema experience possible is the use of High-speed photography, electorn microscopy and nanotechnology. The visually sunning film premiers in London at the Science Museum on the 5th August and will then be available to see throughout the country.


Laura Ashley kids 



Fairy Lights / Pirate Celling Shade / Kids Paint / Lobster Toy / Storage Box / Cottage Sprig Wallpaper / Riley Check Cotton Rug / Patchwork Cotton Quilt


A little bit of free time with the children is a perfect excuse to redecorate. Brighten up the room with these string lights, or have a complete overhaul with our range of kids paints. Our personal favourite is the addition of Larry the Lobster – a great treat for the well behaved kids over the holidays!


We’d love to know what you’ve got planned for the holidays! Are you making the most of the UK or heading abroad? Do let us know if you visit any of our recommendations…


July 23rd 2014


Part 2: Bloggers Michelle and Lucy get creative with our chalkboard paint…

School’s out for the summer! Hasn’t it come around fast? Now that it’s here our thoughts turn to how to keep the little ones entertained during the holidays, and what better way to have fun with them than by getting creative? Yesterday, we saw how bloggers and busy mums Kathryn and Kelle used our chalkboard paint with their kids by creating a doodle door and a surface scribble. Today, we hand over to Michelle from Eden Found and Lucy from Capture By Lucy to show us how they would use theirs…



Chalkboard Paint


Building Blocks


Crafty lifestyle mummy blogger Michelle is no stranger to getting creative, often posting about her DIY constructions and thrifty finds over on Eden Found. It was no surprise then that she came up with this inspirational way to use our chalkboard paint. Let us introduce you to chalky building blocks…





Michelle tells us…


“Every mother dreads those two little words, ‘I’m bored’ and when faced with that nugget of information you have two choices. You can choose to throw money at the problem or you can get creative. I chose to get creative and make some chalkboard building blocks.

We were given these wooden blocks when my children were small. Although they used to get played with quite often, recently my girls had fallen out of love with them, so I thought I would give them a little revamp using some Laura Ashley chalkboard paint.






Painting the blocks couldn’t have been simpler. For a nice even finish I gave each block a couple coats of paint and left them to dry for a couple hours between each layer of paint. I didn’t wear gloves, so my hands were covered in paint, but as the paint washes off really easily that wasn’t a problem.

My girls loved the results. They made their own little town, complete with houses, a shopping centre, a zoo and a train station! For the price of a tin of paint, my children were well and truly entertained!






At the end of the day the blocks were wiped clean and put away, ready for the next adventure. Who knows what they’ll make next?”


Vegetable Patch


Photographer, blogger and mum of two boys, Lucy is the creative force behind Capture by Lucy. Packed full of amazing photography and imaginative ideas, Capture by Lucy is your one stop for creative inspiration. For our chalkboard challenge, her two boys used our chalkboard paint to create their own unique vegetable patch…





Lucy tells us…


“The boys are getting so excited about moving to our new house and giddy about growing our own vegetables in the vegetable patch through the gate from the “secret garden”. I love that they have already commandeered this affectionate name for the part of the garden that meanders behind the tool shed.

It’s a magical childhood memory in the making, that made us fall in love with the house the moment we viewed it…






The boys understand where vegetables come from, they appreciate you need to eat healthy food to keep you big and strong and I know come rain or shine, we will be donning our wellingtons and heading to our little garden allotment to see what we can eat for dinner that week. To keep their excitement alive whilst we painfully wait for the contracts to complete in September,  thought of an easy craft idea that requires imagination and fun using the new Laura Ashley Chalk Paint. A play tray!






We painted a plastic tomato plant tray with a layer of chalk paint and left it to dry. The paint is easy to apply, “not too drippy” in Sammy’s words and gives an even coverage of a rich black colour and smooth texture. We then added chalk drawn trees for the knitted apples, leaves to add to the lettuce ‘ready to pick’ and labelled our pickings with some spoon garden tags made from wooden spoons painted with a layer of chalk paint! An easy and simple idea for little ones to join in with.





We love that we can just wipe it clean and start all over again, with brown chalk mud! That was Ollie’s favourite bit. As soon as we move in we are going to add our labels to all the lovely real fruits and vegetables just waiting for my mini gardeners to tend to and enjoy. You could also turn your play tray into an easy DIY car or train track too!”


Thanks to Kathryn, Kelle, Michelle and Lucy for taking part in our chalky challenge! Incase you missed it here’s the first instalment. Which do you find the most inspiring? We’d love to know how you would use our chalkboard paint, tell us your ideas…

July 22nd 2014


Part 1: We enlist four busy mums to share with us their inspiring ideas using our chalkboard paint…

It’s official – school’s out for summer! Keeping little ones entertained during the holidays however can be tricky business, so with this in mind we wanted to create a fun and exciting activity that will provide endless hours of imaginative play-time, without being too stressful for us adults. Introducing our chalky challenge, we set four busy mums the task to get creative with our new chalkboard paint, to get the little ones on board and show how they would use it!


Laura Ashley Chalk Paint 1

Chalkboard Paint 


Coming up with a number of inspiring ideas, from transforming everyday objects to making over a kids corner in their home, we were so impressed with their creative thinking we simply couldn’t wait to show you their adventurous play-time ideas…


Doodle Door 


Freelance writer Kathryn lives in her hometown of Harrogate, in Yorkshire with her husband and three children, where she pens her daily lifestyle blog Kat got the cream. Looking for a new way to update her son Charlie’s room, Kathryn reveals unique idea for the chalky challenge…







Kathryn tells us…


‘We’re currently in the process of making over my 8 year old son’s room and I’ve been looking for a few ways to personalise it for him (as well as make it fun). Charlie loves drawing and doodling so I thought we’d create a chalkboard area on the back of his bedroom door, which he can regularly update himself. It’s really quick and easy to do, plus it blends in quite nicely with the rest of his room, which features monochrome as well as bright orange and blue. He loved the finished result!’


Tabletop Scribble 


Mother of two Kelle is a stylist and full-time blogger on her online corner Dinky and Dandy. Dedicated to sharing all things cool for little ones, both her children Hattie and Fraser got stuck into decorating her chalky table top…


3 7 1 4


Kelle tells us… 


‘I’ve wanted to paint a chalkboard wall for the kids for ages now but because our house is now up for sale I decided to use our paint to turn an old table into a fun chalkboard instead. The kids love their new table and so far we’ve turned it into a train track, a farm, a zoo and a busy town so it’s perfect for imaginative play. I love how it’s so much easier to put away and clean than the mess painting creates and when the sun shines we can take it out in the garden. The chalkboard paint went on really easy, it took two coats to cover the table and I love the finished result. It didn’t use much of the tin either so when we buy a new house I’ll be using it to paint that chalkboard wall!’


Now how is that for a dose of daily interior inspiration? Transforming a kid’s corner with a lick of paint with endless fun involved? We’re in! Stay tuned for the next installment of our chalky challenge tomorrow on the blog…


Browse the Laura Ashley kid’s furniture and accessories here.

March 3rd 2014
Hero 1


Celebrate the arrival of spring with our fun-filled family dates for the diary…

It’s official, winter is finally behind us! Let us welcome spring with open arms and fill the month of March with fun-filled activities for all the family. Gather up the children and start to plan your weekends around these jam-packed adventures. Whether you fancy yourself as a keen explorer or even a pirate, let’s jump on in and see what’s on our radar this month…


There be pirates! Merseyside Maritime Museum


Pirate Emma 001 small for email

Take a trip back in time at the Merseyside Maritime Museum and discover the stories and treasures that are at the heart of this waterside port. Uncover the long lost artifacts salvaged from the Titanic, learn about what life at sea was like in the 19th century and learn the intelligent ways that ships used to communicate before the invention of telegraphs. Don’t forget to steer the family over to the Pirates crafting bay, where kids can create their very own fearsome pirate mask or treasure chest to hide their precious gold!

For more information on the Merseyside Maritime Museum click here. The ‘There be Pirates!‘ crafting session will take place on the 29th March.


Extreme Exploring  Exhibition at the Horniman Museum and Garden

15th February – 2nd November 


camel water pump smaller (1)

Calling all budding explorers! Step out of your comfort zone and embark on an expedition to explore the world’s most extreme climates. Embrace this rare opportunity to discover the five harshest climates, from the dark dreary depths of the earth to the freezing cold, discover how animals and plants adapt and survive in these hostile environments. Experience these tough conditions for yourself with a range of activities, from stepping over hot sand to leaving a hand print on a freezing ice wall. Do you dare to enter  the Extreme?

For more information on the Extreme Exploring Exhibition click here.


Chalking Around

chalk paint

With a little help from the kids, create a chalkboard masterpiece with our specially formulated Chalkboard Paint. With a lick of this innovative paint in the playroom or bedroom, let their imagination run wild as the transformed area is a blank canvas for drawings, messages and doodles. Let the artwork begin!

Browse our Laura Ashley kid’s paints here.


Alice in Wonderland Trail at Brodsworth Hall and Gardens 

Sunday 2nd March 

South Yorkshire

Alice in Wonderland EH 1

Step into the magical and mysterious world of author Lewis Carroll as you discover your very own wonderland. Follow the enchanting trail through the beautiful gardens at Brodsworth Hall and get lost in the imaginative world of Alice in Wonderland. Meeting some familiar characters as you go, complete the trail to collect your prize!

For more information on the Alice in Wonderland Trail click here.


BKD Little Monster Baking Class

8th March 2014


Classes Ad

Make your way into the world of little monsters and cupcakes at the BKD baking classes. Encourage the little ones to get stuck in as they decorate their very own ghoulish cupcakes. With sprinkles, icing, and glitter provided, let your little monster get as messy as they please, without the worry of  having to wash up after – perfect!

For more information on the BDK Little Monster Baking Class click here.


The Decorcafe Decorfest 

23rd March 


decor fest

For big kids and little kids alike, the Decorfest homes and gardens festival is a all round crowd pleaser. While mum and dad take inspiring tips and talks from leading interiors and gardening experts, with masterclasses on how to paint your furniture to getting the down low on growing your own vegetables; drop little ones off at the kids crafting corner where they can try their hand at making their own bird houses and owl cushions. Don’t miss house historian Ellen Lewis who will be on hand, sharing her secrets of how to uncover the history of your home.

For more information on the Decorfest Festival click here.


What action packed activities will your family be adding to the calendar this March?

February 6th 2014
facebook fans hero


A thank you to our facebook fans: £10 OFF WHEN YOU SPEND £75* ONLINE

We couldn’t quite believe our eyes when we reached 100,000 fans on Facebook. Wiping a huge smile across our social media team’s face goes without saying but first and foremost we’re just ecstatic that you are feeling the Laura Ashley facebook love! As a thank you we decided to spell it out in flowers, carefully selected fresh from Covent Garden Flower Market our visual team set about creating a giant 100k made up of blooms. To mark this mutual affection we’d also like to offer you £10 off when you spend £75* online with the code N575 until Friday 14th February…

*TERMS & CONDITIONS APPLY: £10 off when you spend £75 until 14th February 2014. Available online at only with the code N575. £10 off when you spend £75 cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount. This offer is not redeemable instore. Not open to Laura Ashley employees. Excludes Guardsman, Design Service Fee, Delivery charges, Giftcards and licensing products.

January 31st 2014


Bright and vibrant, our extra special range of durable Kid’s Paint has arrived…

Transforming your kid’s bedroom into a fun and exciting space couldn’t be any easier with our brand new range of child-friendly Kids Paint. Coming in a range of vibrant shades with playful names to tickle your child’s fancy, they will suit a whole host of themes you might have in mind. Not just appealing to kids, the durable and wipe-clean finish will have most parents breathing a sigh of relief, especially where wandering hands and crayons are concerned (we’ve all been there). We sussed out our top-tips for painting the little-ones’ bedrooms…

Be Bold


Denim Kid’s Paint / Harry Blue and Red Union Jack  Duvet Set / My Room Hook 

Let the kids get involved in choosing the colour scheme; it will help them to adjust to the new look and encourage them to keep it clutter-free. Go all out with a bold colour such as the Denim paint (used above). Avoid this bold blue looking too overpowering by breaking it up with contrasting painted sideboards and vibrant white ceilings for a more streamlined look.


Mix It Up


Peppermint Kid’s Paint / Esme WallpaperEsme Duvet Set / Emily Ivory Bed & Mattress

If you have a theme in mind like this whimsical garden look, why not mix up both wallpaper and paint? We love the combination of the calming Peppermint paint and complimenting Esme wallpaper. Whether your child loves pirates or fairies, wallpapering one focus wall against a painted background allows the print to breathe.


Get Creative


Bubblegum Kid’s Paint / Rosalind Dove Grey Dressing Table / Summer Cotton Rug

Fancy yourself as a budding artist? why not hand-paint a mural of your own? Whether it’s pretty motif like the butterflies above or even enlisting your young ones to get in on the action with hand-prints (supervised of course), it’s all about creating that one-of-a-kind bedroom they’ll never forget.


Paint A Chalkboard 


Chalkboard Paint / William Bedset / Riley Check Cotton Rug

Let your child’s imagination run wild with our innovative Chalkboard Paint, transforming any surface into an area for drawings, doodles and messages… without them getting into trouble! Let the creativity commence by dedicating an entire wall, the end of the bed (like above) or even framing a chosen area – the opportunities are endless.


Kid’s Paint Colour Range

Paint Image

Icicle / Marshmallow / Candy Floss / Peppermint / Denim 

Lemon Sherbert / Bubblegum / Fondant / Jelly Bean / Chalkboard


We hope we inspired a few ideas of how to decorate your child’s bedroom using our new Kid’s paint, we love the idea of getting creative and getting kids involved too. Keep your eyes peeled for more blog posts on the Chalkboard Paint, we can’t wait to show you how it works in action. Stay tuned!


Browse the Laura Ashley Kid’s Paint range here.