How To Wear Florals This Season

Florals aren't just for Spring so take a look at how the lovely Rachel is styling them this season... read more

Ok, so we know Spring is still a little while away but with this sunny weather we just can’t help but get excited for the warmer days to return. With spring also comes the annual fashion trend of florals. However, the lovely Rachel from Rachel The Hat is here to show us that florals don’t just have to be for the sunny season.

In the famous sarcastic words of Miranda Priestly from fashionistas favoured film ‘The Devil Wears Prada’

“ Florals for spring? Groundbreaking”

Indeed, we see florals roll around each time, every year once the buds start to form and the temperatures start to rise (well hopefully!) Floral prints for the season aren’t a new trend, however, they are a trend that comes back year upon year. Which really does make them a classic.

So why do so many of shy away from this pretty print?

Me? I am more of a stripe girl with the occasional hit of leopard print. For so long I deemed floral prints as too busy, chintzy, twee or outdated. But, the right floral print worn the right way can be anything but those things. It can look fresh, colourful and work on a number of occasions too.

Laura Ashley is renowned for its beautiful florals, whether that be for home or for fashion, so if you’re looking to try the floral trend this season, it is definitely worth trying the prestigious brand who are distinguished floral print purveyors.

So here are 3 looks to try; from a nod to the trend to full-on floral, there is a way everyone can enjoy these seasons offerings.

A Nod To Florals With Accessories

Rachel The Hat This Season Florals Fashion If you’re not keen on dressing in head to florals try adding in some simple accessories into your everyday look.

Rachel The Hat This Season Florals Fashion The florals will instantly make your outfit pop, look fresh and on trend even if it’s just an accessory added to an older outfit. Try accessorizing with a floral handbag, umbrella or a scarf, like I have here. If you aren’t used to wearing florals keep the rest of the outfit plain and neutral, like with this denim dress which felt extremely lovely on and was still in my ‘plain’ comfort zone, by adding the scarf you are instantly drawing the eye to the pretty pattern and the interesting detail you’ve added to your outfit. So, not only are you ticking the floral trend but you’re also updating an old look and making it look new again.

 A floral top with fail-safe jeans

Rachel The Hat This Season Florals Fashion Whenever I want to try something new I will always try it with jeans (where possible of course). The jeans are my comfort zone, they tether me to my style and make me feel at ease when experimenting. But they also enable me to try different tops without feeling like I’m straying to far from what I enjoy wearing. By sticking to jeans it also still feels like a relaxed look and easy to wear from school run to weekend at the shops.

Rachel The Hat This Season Florals Fashion The floral top here is also fantastic as it combines stripes and florals, making the look instantly modern with its pattern mixing and it’s contemporary style.

Just Go For It With A Dress

Rachel The Hat This Season Florals Fashion A dress is an easy way to try wearing florals. Find a good cut of dress you love and you will inevitably find it in a floral print. Dressing in a good dress is what I like to fondly call a ‘No-Brainer’. Its an outfit that takes little thought and you don’t have to ponder what you’re going to wear with it, its an instant outfit in a dress. Just throw on some tights and boots and you are good to go.

Rachel The Hat This Season Florals Fashion This dress here is perfect for transitioning from cold February into warm spring. For now, I’ve accessorised with a cardigan, tights and boots but come the warmer days all you have to do is ditch the tights and cardigan, add some simple sandals or pumps and a denim jacket for if it gets chilly. Simple style but florals made easy.

How are you styling florals in winter? Let us know below or @LauraAshleyUK 

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