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Red for us is one of the shades of the season so we love it when autumn arrives and we can truly embrace the colour in our outfit choices. It is a statement colour that will add the right amount of brightness to your day. When the lovely Arabella from Arabella Golby spied our AW17 Red Concealed Placket Coat she knew this was the rouge item she had been searching for!

‘Tis officially the season! And by that, no, I don’t mean Christmas (although there’s a concerning amount of Christmas themed decor popping up in the shops already…) I mean the season of rich, striking jewel tones – as I’ve always associated the A/W season with luxurious colours like ruby and emerald.

Arabella Golby Red Coat In addition to that, I feel like my style repertoire really expands with the reintroduction of coats come autumn, so you can imagine my joy when I spied this vibrant red number. Red is without a doubt one of my favourite colours to style and one of the most versatile, especially come autumn. I love mixing red with block colours like black, white, green, or even pink if I’m feeling brave enough for a deliberate clash, textures like faux fur and leather, and printed pieces too – checks or stripes are my favourites!

Arabella Golby Red Coat As well as mixing patterns and textures, I also love mixing metals. It’s something I’ve always done and thought nothing of, despite it being regarded as a stereotypical no-no. That’s where these hammered ring drop earrings come in; two differently sized silver hoops held together by a single gold hoop. To me, mixing metals when it comes to jewellery only leaves you with more choice for other accessories, as you’re not tied into any hardware shade. Can’t decide between your favourite silver hardware handbag and gold hardware belt? Wear both!

Arabella Golby Red Coat This coat is one of those quite rare finds that I’d describe as; warm enough to be practical but elegant enough to be stylish. It’s not a style VS. substance piece, it’s very much both. Another little detail I just have to mention is that it has REAL POCKETS. Yes, you heard me right. REAL, quite sizeable pockets that you can put things in. Not a fake, deceptive ‘I’m-not-really-a-pocket-I’m-just-a-weird-slit-in-the-fabric-made-to-look-like-a-pocket-but-I’m-actually-not-a-pocket’ pocket. PRAISE BE.

Arabella Golby Red Coat So, I’ve told you that red is my favourite colour to style come A/W – I’d love to know yours. Please let me know below!

Arabella Golby Red Coat Magical Pocket Coat: here and Hammered Ring Drop Earrings here

C/O Laura Ashley.

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