Wallpaper: Everything You Need To Know

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Wallpaper when done right can look beautiful in your home. It can create gorgeous feature walls within your home and add a little character where paint can’t.

If you want to add pattern and decoration to your home, wallpaper is very effective. Colour palette can vary from cool and sophisticated monochromes, pastels to bold clashing mixtures of contrast.

Laura Ashley Wallpaper Papering is not so hard as it’s made out to be providing you work in a logical, calm manner and choose paper that is relatively easy to work with like the Laura Ashley wallpaper.

Laura Ashley Wallpaper The colour of the rolls do not rolls do not always match even though they look identical. The paper is printed in batches, so it’s important to check that any rolls you buy have the same batch number.

Laura Ashley Wallpaper The company first started to print wallpaper on a large scale in 1973, after Bernard Ashley felt that the company needed to diversify.

The first designs were taken directly from the fabrics already in production, and by 1978 all furnishing fabrics had corresponding wallpaper

Laura Ashley Wallpaper Cathryn our Head Of Design Service gives us her top tips to wallpapering your home…

Wallpaper is a great addition to your home we love using it for our client’s of the Laura Ashley Design Service. It allows us to add pattern and texture into a room rather than just blocks of colour with paint.

Laura Ashley Wallpaper Focal walls are a quick way of updating your room, but make sure you work with proportions of the room and pick a paper design to suit. If proportions are small don’t go for a large scale print go for something a bit smaller and more subtle. I’d also say don’t be scared to try something new, grab a sample and hang it up in the space!

Laura Ashley Wallpaper Rather than adding wallpaper to chimney breast wall, apply the wallpaper either side into the alcoves to highlight the space and give the illusion of the alcoves coming forward.

When choosing a paint to support your wallpaper for alternative walls, go for the predominant colour in the paper dependant on how much drama you want to add.

Laura Ashley Wallpaper If you needed any help with purchasing paper, make sure you check out our buying guide that gives you all the detail you need to know!

Laura Ashley Wallpaper And don’t forget to have a look at our extensive collection of beautiful wallpapers.

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