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We all know important the finishing touches are to any home so when the lovely Becky from Spirited Puddle Jumper wanted to complete the look for some of the interior projects of her home we were more than happy to send her some beautiful pieces from Laura Ashley…

Having lived in our ‘new’ home now for nearly 17 months now (I guess I can’t really call it ‘new’ anymore, huh?), it’s actually only really now that I’m getting round to putting the finishing touches to it. I seem to be quite good at cracking on with so-called ‘big projects’, such as kitchens, bathrooms and decorating, but then seem to have a lull and it takes me a while to put the finishing touches together to complete a room.

Spirited Puddle Jumper Finishing Touches Home Accessories As such I’ve had a few rooms that have been ‘irritating’ me, in that I’ve known that they’ve needed that something(s) extra, but it’s just been getting round to sourcing what we (and when I say ‘we’ I mean ‘I’) like and what I think will really help set the tone and feel for the space.

The rooms that have definitely needed a few extra touches have been our upstairs bathroom and also our bedroom. I wrote about kitting our bedroom out when we first moved in with some lovely Laura Ashley pieces, but I’ve since added a dressing table that has really needed finishing. So I was very excited to get my hands on some lovely new bits from the guys at Laura Ashley, items that are both a mix of modern and classic, and that also combine some of my favourite current materials and textures.

Come and have a peek at what I chose…

Whilst the plants and family name print were already residing on the scaffold-board shelf, I wanted to add a couple more items, and this small hexagonal brass and glass terrarium, and Rattan Woven Basket Wall Art look great. I love how it all looks together, and the fact that the terrarium is quite ‘on trend’ whilst the wall art is that bit different (I’ve had a few visitors ask about it already).

Spirited Puddle Jumper Finishing Touches Home Accessories This dressing table mirror has really ‘made’ the dressing table part of our room now where I do my make up, and I’m so chuffed as I’ve always wanted a dedicated space! Adam has kindly let me take over this bit of the room, and I’m sure he can appreciate the look 😉 The mirror is great as I was keen to have a freestanding mirror as opposed to a wall-mounted one and means I can move it around if necessary or we ever decide to move the table. I love the fact the 3 mirror panes mean you can apply your make up from various angles, although the view can be rather terrifying sans-makeup first thing in the morning after a rough night with the baby!

Spirited Puddle Jumper Finishing Touches Home Accessories Note that the ace rattan wall art is propped up here as I was umming and aahing about where to put it- it’s so versatile and would actually go in various places in our house, so it might yet get moved from the bathroom!

Spirited Puddle Jumper Finishing Touches Home Accessories This gorgeous gold feather trinket dish is exactly the sort of ‘finishing touch’ I was after- it looks so cool on the dressing table without cluttering it up.

Spirited Puddle Jumper Finishing Touches Home Accessories Ditto these brass and mirror hexagonal trinket trays that come in a set of two. As well as looking great, they’re actually useful for holding and displaying bits and bobs. I use the small one to hold my favourite perfume and the big one bits of jewellery as needed. I like how they reflect light and are glam without being too ‘bling’ (if you see what I mean?).

Spirited Puddle Jumper Finishing Touches Home Accessories There are also a few prints I love from the Laura Ashley collection, and I’m looking forward to snapping these up to display when we get a picture ledge up on the wall above the dressing table over the next couple of weeks.

Spirited Puddle Jumper Finishing Touches Home Accessories Other than that I’m starting to feel like we’re finally on the verge of decorative completion in the Freeman household now, and I adore the bits that I’ve bought.

Have you Laura Ashley products for the finishing touches in your home? Let us know below or on Twitter @LauraAshleyUK

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